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Loremaster Painting Guide – Part 2

Hooray, the bastard is done! After a week of not putting together very short little blurts of painting, I finally have a finished Loremaster of Hoeth. Click here for part 1, and scroll down for the epic conclusion. Seriously, I took far too many pictures this time around. The second big push on the Loremaster […]

Loremaster Painting Guide – Part 1

First painting guide in a while, let’s make it a good one! As you can see, I’m doing up a converted High Elf Loremaster of Hoeth, as I indicated yesterday. Fairly standard plastic version, with a few bitz and bobs cut off and magnetized weapon arm, so I can later swap to a shield once […]

Loremaster Teaser

Here’s a quick preview of the current painting project, a Loremaster of Hoeth. Slightly converted and with magnetic arms to swap out for a shield, he should be very useful on the tabletop. The color scheme is based off this bloke. More to come, I’m trying to remember to take pics every couple steps for […]

Where Did That Army Come From?

It’s been a busy weekend over here. Plenty of playoff hockey, some quality time on the patio, had the guys over and even some put in some serious hobby time. Much to everyone’s surprise, especially my own, I have most of the High Elf army list I was toying with the other day built already. […]

2500 All-comers High Elves

Below is my first crack at a relatively balanced 2500 High Elf list. It has some magic, two solid blocks of infantry, numerous support units and some chaff. Best of all, the list is based almost entirely on the starter set figs and the brand-new plastics! The only real exception is the Great Eagles, which you can […]