You have to be a little bit crazy to attempt something like this, but I have been called worse things than that before. After approximately a month’s worth of evenings and weekends I am close to having a complete draft of the Pandora ruleset (based heavily upon Necromunda) available for download.

A few sections need a fair amount of work, followed by a few more top to bottom proof-reading sessions and rules tweaks as any problems or mistakes are identified, but in the meantime basic games can be played to put the system through its paces. For missions, I highly recommend the basic Mordheim scenarios. Swap out Wyrdstone objectives for Eridium, and you’re more or less ready to go!

Detailed diagrams, sample miniatures, etc. will be added once I have some miniatures and scenery ready to photograph. The first few have been built and many more purchased, so this will hopefully happen sooner rather than later!

For a list of all blog posts with the “Pandora” Tag, click here. Additional articles with hobby advice, examples of painted gangs, links to various manufacturers who make miniatures that would work for Pandora, etc. will be posted in the near future. Be sure to check back regularly for updates!

Rulebook Cover

Rulebook Cover



  • Necromunda and Mordheim Living Rulebooks — These awesome rulebooks are available as a free download from the Specialist Games section of your country’s Games Workshop website
  • Yakromunda.com — This awesome site is host to a ton of resources for Necromunda; everything from PDF copies of the supplements and magazine articles to sections that record and track your campaign results
  • Ashotninja’s Borderlands project — A Yakromunda forum thread with inspiring photos and descriptions of another hobbyist’s campaign

Disclaimer notice: This project in no way is meant to challenge the copyright status or trademarks associated with Borderlands, Necromunda, Mordheim or any other reference materials. The game is intended for private use only, and not financial or commercial activity of any kind. Virtually all of the art and screenshots are copyright Gearbox Software, LLC.

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