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Where Did That Army Come From?

It’s been a busy weekend over here. Plenty of playoff hockey, some quality time on the patio, had the guys over and even some put in some serious hobby time.

My High Elves dominating the hobby desk.

My High Elves dominating the hobby desk. Just one lonely Space Marine on there right now.

Much to everyone’s surprise, especially my own, I have most of the High Elf army list I was toying with the other day built already. Just a  few more spear arms to add to the Sea Guard, plus the Skycutter, and I’ll have everything I own for them built. Well, except for the other two units of Reavers. Not sure if I’ll end up using more than the one unit, so I kinda want to hold off a bit on assembling them.

The Phoenix is going to be built as a Frostheart, and just because I will make it so I can swap out Caradryan on top. The way the kit builds this is virtually zero effort required, as you just use blu-tac or a small magnet to swap out between the tuft of frosty “hair” on his back and the throne.

Captain Jellyfish at your service.

Captain Jellyfish, at your service.

The Loremaster I am also converting a bit. I chopped off the moon icon on his head and the thigh plates hanging off his belt. Since his torso is turned to the side, it looked a bit strange having those thigh plates on there. Luckily this is all super easy to clip off before assembly, so no challenge there. The difficult part will be magnetizing some weapons for him. I will make it so he can swap between the stock sword and a shield (specifically, one taken from the Skycutter’s spare parts).

As an armored spellcaster, he can buy magic armor, including something like the Enchanted Shield or the Merwyrm shield for a 4++ parry save. Magnetizing will allow a lot of options without having to paint two models.

As for painting the army, I have one test figure done up from before, and the overall paint scheme will mirror the tones of the Warhammer Online concept art. Lots more earthy than the official blue and white scheme, with two-tone silver for most of the metals. Magicky fancy stuff will be a blue-steel, while the rest will have a sepia tone to it. For the Sea Guard, I might even do some brass with verdigris. This should tie into the dark blue/green seaweed detailing nicely.

Sexy White Lion concept art

Sexy White Lion concept art.

If only the official GW models looked as good as the White Lion above… seriously, the best part about Warhammer Online was the concept art. The stuff was just amazing. Well worth a few hours of poking through Google image searches on the subject.

That’s all for today! Hoping to have a few more things built/based by the night’s end. Soon it will be on to primer and finally world domination… or maybe just the airbrush basecoat stage.


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