2500 All-comers High Elves

Below is my first crack at a relatively balanced 2500 High Elf list. It has some magic, two solid blocks of infantry, numerous support units and some chaff.

I really dig the naval theme and blue/grey colors.

I really dig the naval theme and blue/grey colors.

Best of all, the list is based almost entirely on the starter set figs and the brand-new plastics! The only real exception is the Great Eagles, which you can get as a plastic two-pack from the Hobbit range. Shouldn’t be terribly expensive as a result, which is always a bonus.

Let’s dig in:

(General) Loremaster of Hoeth w/ Book of Hoeth, Shield of the Merwyrm, Sword of Might, Golden Crown of Atrazar

The boss man can fight, knows 8 signature spells (casting at L2 and re-rolling one d6 that isn’t a 6 per cast/dispel attempt), has a 4++ parry in melee and 2++ against the first wound suffered (likely at range).

Sea Helm w/ BSB, Ring of Fury, Reaver Bow, Skycutter Mount

Similar to the old Wood Elf play style, he flies around, makes the most of the BSB aura and blasts things with 3 S5 shots and the 2d6 S4 magic missile, boosting his save each turn that be gets the spell through. He can charge if absolutely necessary, but this isn’t really wise against punchy opposition.

32 Lothern Sea Guard w/ Shields, Full Command

5 Ellyrian Reavers w/ Bow and Spear, Musician

5 Ellyrian Reavers w/ Bow and Spear, Musician

24 Swordmasters w/ Full Command, Banner of the World Dragon

If I have to deal with Storm Banners, why not take this one?

Skycutter w/ Bolt Thrower

5 Dragon Princes w/ Banner, Musician, Banner of Eternal Flame

Look out regenerating enemy monster types!

Great Eagle w/ Swiftsense

Great Eagle w/ Swiftsense

Flamespyre Phoenix

Frostheart Phoenix

Total: 2496 (624 core)

What the list boils down to is a solid semi-mobile core, with the Flamespyre Phoenix, Dragon Princes and Eagles pushing up to kill stuff and misdirect the enemy. Reavers too I suppose, I always forget them since they’re just there to fill the 25% core tax 🙂

I figure all my bases are covered, what do you think?


6 comments on “2500 All-comers High Elves

  1. It will look pretty. However I would worry about a wizards tower scenario and I would worry about blood and glory.

    For Wizards Tower you have nothing to hold the tower right off the hop if you do get the option. I imagine 20 Seaguard would do that nicely. With the units that can actually charge into the tower, one is better at shooting/getting charged and the other is going to be target number one to soften up so you wont have much to get whatever is in there out.

    On the blood and glory note the units are really small and elves are not known to be the toughest folks around so your banners may vanish more quickly than you would like. If your general and your bsb flying around on his own get popped it is game over as your breaking point is 3.This list would really struggle with that scenario.

    I would drop one Pheonix and one unit of Reavers to put in a unit of 20 Seaguard and beef out the rest of the units.

    In pitched battle I think it would do fine but would be really tough to play as your are giving up victory points really easy with the small units.

    Just my 2 cents though. I haven’t read through the book yet however. If pheonix guard are core now I think a unit of twenty is an absolute no brainer just in case you are in a wizards tower scenario.

    • Archers, Sea Guard and Spears are the only infantry core options. Only Archers are any good at all under 20-strong. I really don’t want to take a small archer/banner unit just for Blood&Glory and Watchtower, but I have considered it instead of the second Reaver unit.

      Thanks for the feedback! Good to know I was on a decent line of thinking after doing nothing but 40k lately.

    • The other thing about the BSB is that the character and his Skycutter mount get 4++ ward versus shooting, and he gets +1 to ward saves on any turn he casts his bound 2d6 S4 magic missile. So he’s decently survivable, even with just a 4+ armor save.

  2. Hi there it’s a bummer and in friendly game I wouldn’t fuss but your core troops must at leat tally 625 points , you’re short by 1 point . The rest seems fine

    • 624/1296 is technically 25% on the nose. According to Futurama, technically correct is the best kind of correct so I don’t plan on worrying about it 🙂

      Anyway the list is just a first draft. Things might be different by the time I’m ready to put the army on the table. Thanks for the comment!

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