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Hobby Night in Canada Podcast

Hobby Night in Canada is exactly what it sounds like — a gaming podcast hosted by very experienced and enthusiastic hobbyists living North of the 49th parallel. Every two weeks we get together to record another episode about the games we love to play; everything from the staples like Warhammer and Warmachine to younger or less established systems like Dystopian Wars and Malifaux. We’re even going old school by picking up some BattleTech… yay for the 80s!

The Hobby Night crew consists of Tom Carter, Steve Lind, Ward Kapach, Mike Sawada and myself, Dan Byer. Each of us has been in the hobby for decades, with countless tournament wins and painting trophies to our credit. And Steve also owns a skink, which is pretty cool.
Subscribe and you'll always stay up to date on current episodes.

Subscribe and you’ll always stay up to date on current episodes.

Never miss an episode — subscribe to the podcast using iTunes, or add the RSS feed (http://hobbynight.podbean.com/feed/) manually to subscribe by whatever method you prefer. You can also join us on Facebook, where we constantly post updates and reminders when the new episodes go up. We appreciate your interest and support!

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