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Tau Farsight Supplement Pre-order July 13

In case you missed it, GW has announced (on the 4th of July) that the Tau Farsight Supplement will be up for order July 13. Clever buggers with the timing! “Independence from the Empire Join the Rebellion” ‘Merica!

Tau & the Emerging Meta

On this inauspicious day north of the 49th parallel, snowflakes are drifting past my window (I could have sworn it was +20C the other day…) and things are also looking grim on the web, as both BoLS and Faeit are currently down. This seems to be a DMCA issue, based on posting photos from unreleased […]

Blue Fever

I’m not quite sure how to classify this post, as I’m not actively working on or buying up Tau, but I certainly am thinking about it. I know I’m not alone in this. As the Tau are once again the new kids on the block, with their shiny new codex, uber-suits and more missiles than you can […]

Victory for Common Sense

Just a quick note to indicate that the new FAQs are up on the GW websites (at least the English FAQs are, not sure about international versions). Nothing of the ridiculously game-breaking variety has been seen just yet, but still some very interesting ones. Capping Initiative penalties at a minimum of 1 in the main […]

Tau Rules Clarification / Public Service Announcement

I have been reading a lot of the Tau tactica threads, totally not during work hours of course, and I decided to do a bit of detective work and put together a comprehensive list of which systems work for Overwatch/Interceptor, and which ones don’t. One of my favorite things about the Tau book is how […]