X-wing Custom Cards

As a hobbyist, there’s a lot to love about X-wing. One of my favorite things is the fact that models come pre-built and pre-painted to a pretty good standard. That leaves you free to do the projects you want to do, like painting up a character, getting some cool custom tokens from any number of shops online, or in my case do some cool new artwork for your cards. Note: the artwork for these cards isn’t mine, I’m just doing the editing! 😀

Looking good, Ms. Howlrunner.

Looking good, Ms. Howlrunner.

There’s some big advantages and maybe a couple of minor disadvantages to custom cards. Some folks might not let you play with them, but I have all the official cards anyway so I can just bring both 🙂

In terms of the advantages, there’s some obvious cool factor as you have something that practically nobody else does! It helps give your list a little more personality, and by swapping out some cool-but-out-of-place-looking cards (like a wookiee gunner on an Imperial Decimator) it helps you get a theme going. And if you’re just a casual player, this might save you from buying a ship just for the exclusive cards (TIE Defender with the coveted Predator EPT, I’m looking at you).

And there’s another really practical benefit as well — being able to include errata on the cards themselves! As I’m recreating the cards from a template, I get the chance to enter all the text manually and that means introducing the corrected wording is a snap. I have chosen to keep the pink text from the official FAQ/Errata document, showing which portions of the rules have changed, but I could always do another batch of cards later with the bright colors removed.

I have made this a static page, as I intend to upload all my custom cards to this one location. This will help keep things organized for you readers (and me, too). As more are added, I will update this page with some version tracking at the bottom.

Anyway, you’re probably here for the cards and not my wall text. Without further ado…

Cards with official errata included

Pilot cards with alternate artwork

Upgrade cards with alternate artwork

Cards with alternate Ralph McQuarrie artwork

Custom pilot cards with new/house rules

Custom upgrade cards with new/house rules

Printing your own custom cards

Printing these cards is relatively straight forward, but not necessarily easy. All of the files I’m posting are uncompressed PNGs at 300 dpi, which means that printing them at 300 dpi will produce clean, sharp images at the correct size to match official cards from Fantasy Flight. They will fit in the card sleeves and everything, no problem. I recommend trying to print them on photo paper, I know I have about a million sample packs that came free with every camera, printer and ink cartridge I’ve ever bought from Canon. Printing on cheap paper will give you crummy results, as the ink bleeds and the paper goes soggy when printing in full color. Paul, a graphic designer by trade, recommends 100lb Hammermill paper stock as a very close equivalent to what FFG uses for their cards. Can’t argue with a professional!

I will also be posting the files for the backs of cards (you know, with the big symbol showing the upgrade type or the Rebellion/Empire symbols for pilot cards), for those who want to try and make more official looking cards. I definitely recommend printing both sides separately, then shoving them both into a single card sleeve, as this is a lot easier to do than aligning things perfectly for it to print double-sided.

If you have no idea what any of this stuff means, I’ll try to help but I can’t make any promises that I’ll be a good tech support guy 🙂

Thanks for looking! Please feel free to make suggestions for future cards, and help me spot any mistakes that may have crept into the files. Pixelmator doesn’t have spell check so I’m always careful for spelling, but I have been known to make mistakes … from time to time.

[Edited 1/31/2015 – Added photo of printed Howlrunner card and Paul’s recommendation for paper]

[Edited 2/1/2015 – Added tons of new cards, including Weapons Engineer, Decimator Engine Upgrade, Kyle Katarn (now with correct text!), Jan Ors, Nera Dantels, Garven Dreis, Dutch Vander, Horton Salm, Darth Vader, Wing Leader (house rule) and Draw Their Fire]

[Edited 2/9/2015 – Added some new pilots, including Ibtisam, Arvel, Tycho, Jake, Leia, Rogue Squadron Pilot, as well as Admiral Ackbar and some alternate Predator cards]

[Edited 3/3/2015 – Added a bunch of Ralph McQuarrie alternate artwork cards, on the third anniversary of his passing.]

[Edited 3/6/2015 – Added Black Squadron Pilot as requested by Sascha.]

26 comments on “X-wing Custom Cards

  1. Hi, there. Thank you so much for the time and efford you put into alternative artworkcards. Could you please make a card for Draw their fire and Stealth Device with some Tie-fighters. These are the most used cards for the Tie-swarm. Thank you

  2. Hi Dan, thank you so much for the Draw their fire card. I like the design so much. Could you please add two alternative cards for the famous Tie Black Squadron. I did not geht the official alternative cards from FFG.
    Thank you

  3. Thanks a lot for the share 😀

  4. Any chance you could do an Imperial/Royal Guard version of Weapons Engineer? Given the lore of the Empire, I doubt my elite shuttle flown by Colonel Jendon has a non-human serving in such a critical role. 😛

  5. How/ What programs do you use to set your prints to 300 DPI? (I have a PC) Thank you!

  6. Awesome. Thanks for sharing your work.

  7. Hi, Loving your work.
    Just wondering what program you used to make the cards?

  8. Do you sell any of these?

  9. Has anybody made a multi-up PDF of the cards, and aligned the backs on the second sheet? That way someone could just print double sided and all would be ready for trimming.

  10. […] [Lien 5] : Bibliothèque publiée par un joueur […]

  11. Make an Arvel Crnyd alternate art that features him ramming into the Executor.

  12. Any chance for some HD alt art of the more difficult to find upgrades like:
    Push The Limit
    Primed Thrusters
    Extra Munitions
    Advanced Sensors
    EMP Device
    Rigged Cargo chute

    Cheers and tx for you time and consideration!

    Love Rebel captive and some of the engine upgrades!

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