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Scum and Villainy Hobby Plans

As I’ve been forced to wait a little bit for my giant Scum and Villainy order, I have been passing the time by painting up some BattleTech minis (pics on the Facebook page until I can write up an article for them) and planning what I will do to customize my Scum.

A few things have come to mind. For starters, the Y-wings and Z-95s won’t need very much attention, since the Y-wing looks amazing as-is and Z-95s don’t really demand that much customization. I will probably do some rusty, brownish-red markings on the Zs to help them mesh with the Y-wings, and maybe I’ll paint one specifically to be N’dru since he is a pretty decent little filler ship/flanker in a lot of lists. A nice red and charcoal grey color scheme should do the trick, inverting the colors of the regular Zs so he doesn’t look too out of place next to them..

But moving on to more fun projects, I think I’ll finally take the plunge and get some Armorcast cinematic effects to sexify the newer ships, the Scyk and StarViper. I plan on picking up a set of 10 pistol muzzle flashes, which is dirt cheap and also the smallest muzzle flash they make (measuring in at 8mm), so it won’t look oversized on these models. In fact, it should slot quite nicely into the rear of the Scyk fighter. I’ll likely have to pin them to the StarVipers though, since they might stick out a little and I don’t want them breaking off.

I’m not sure how extensively I’ll want to repaint the Scyk and/or StarVipers. The Scyks might get a quick repaint, with one of their number done up in a more flashy color scheme to represent the named characters like Serissu. I’ve made a few lists with 3x identical Scyks, so having three in the same colors will allow them to look uniform. If I’m going full Scyk swarm, it often ends up with Serissu and 3x Scyks, plus N’dru as a flanker, so again this would fit well with what I plan to paint.

The large ships will require slightly larger flashes for their engines. I’m thinking a set of the medium muzzle flashes will work for IG-88 and possibly a fourth Firespray if I decide to paint one up specifically for the Scum. I have the trio of Imperial Bounty Hunters in Seahawks colors (blue with white and green stripes, white with blue and green stripes, and green with blue and white stripes) but something within the color range of the S&V faction may be in order. I may need to tap into that rusty red-brown color palette again to tie everything together, or maybe even just paint up a classic Kath Scarlett, since her distinct red and white pattern looks sharp and fits roughly within the Scum color range.

In any case, the big ships will have their engine effects magnetized, so I can remove them during transport. The Battlefoam trays that I have won’t accommodate a half inch blob of fiery plasma/ions/whatever, but being able to snap them off and on will alleviate the problem.

I’ll certainly be uploading WIP and finished models to the blog and my Facebook page, so please check back for updates! The plan is also to play a ton of games in the next 2 weeks to get used to the new faction, so I’m sure there will be a pile of tactics discussions going on as well.

One comment on “Scum and Villainy Hobby Plans

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