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Loremaster Painting Guide – Part 2

Hooray, the bastard is done! After a week of not putting together very short little blurts of painting, I finally have a finished Loremaster of Hoeth. Click here for part 1, and scroll down for the epic conclusion. Seriously, I took far too many pictures this time around. The second big push on the Loremaster […]

Loremaster Painting Guide – Part 1

First painting guide in a while, let’s make it a good one! As you can see, I’m doing up a converted High Elf Loremaster of Hoeth, as I indicated yesterday. Fairly standard plastic version, with a few bitz and bobs cut off and magnetized weapon arm, so I can later swap to a shield once […]

Loremaster Teaser

Here’s a quick preview of the current painting project, a Loremaster of Hoeth. Slightly converted and with magnetic arms to swap out for a shield, he should be very useful on the tabletop. The color scheme is based off this bloke. More to come, I’m trying to remember to take pics every couple steps for […]