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Codex Eldar – Discounted (Deeply discounted!!!) and on Smartphones

In an unexpected twist, the Eldar Codex is now available in digital format for your phone. That’s right, not just iPads, but Andriod, iPhone and Kindle are all getting this book. And take a look at the price below. Looks to me like depending on the currency, approximately 35-50% off retail compared to the hardcopy (and previous […]

Eldar Tactics 102

Welcome to Eldar Tactics 102. Pre-requisites are 101, which you can get caught up on here. We already talked briefly about the HQ, scoring and Aspect Warrior options in 101, so what’s left are support vehicles, aircraft and possible Allies options. Vehicle Support Eldar have a large number of vehicles, ranging from the squadrons of […]

Eldar Tactics 101

Rather than cut straight to the chase and post up some cut and paste army lists, I’m going to take some time to run through the new Codex Eldar units and see what they have to offer. There’s a lot of information to process, so the second half will come later in the week (part 2 […]

More Fun Than a Barrel of Mon-keigh

So while I have been keeping myself busy with X-wing the last few days, a lot has been going on. Eldar have been released — and from what I hear, GW was finally able to properly allocate stock to independent retailers this time around — and the new WD is starting to be leaked. All […]