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Victory for Common Sense

Just a quick note to indicate that the new FAQs are up on the GW websites (at least the English FAQs are, not sure about international versions).

Nothing of the ridiculously game-breaking variety has been seen just yet, but still some very interesting ones. Capping Initiative penalties at a minimum of 1 in the main rulebook FAQ is very nice, since this blanket approach covers all codices (such as the Slaanesh demons, who could make your Initiative 0 or lower), and prevents combos from completely removing a unit’s ability to attack in melee.

Dark Angels saw by far the most important changes, such as adding the “minimum of 1″ language to their stasis debuff effects and clarification that the Standard of Devastation only affects the 24” rapid fire boltguns (in all their incarnations). So combi-bolters, twin-linked bolters and hurricane bolters absolutely do get salvo 4, but not pistols, heavy bolters or stormbolters. Just like I’ve been saying all along…

The other big one was the Power Field Generator, which is nerfed when embarked in a vehicle. It only affects the models inside… so no more Land Raider+Power Field+Standard of Devastation shenaniganza. Plenty more DA changes as well, so go check them out.

Interestingly, Tau and Daemons still have almost no FAQ entries — certainly not the ones people are clamoring for. The Tau FAQ remains silent on the issues I brought up earlier, which some folks are still not happy about of course, but it does have an interesting bullet on Tau suit configurations.

You now have the option to buy more than one of the same gun without twin-linking them. You pay a lot more points, but this means you can utilize the standard equipment Multi-tracker to mount a pair of Fusion Blasters, Plasma Rifles, Missile Pods, or whatever else on the same frame and fire them both in the shooting phase. When combined with the MSS/C&C Node combos to re-roll to hit and ignore cover saves, you can get some highly accurate and very spammy Fusion/Plasma/Missile builds to hunt tanks or TEQs. You can even re-create the Broadsides, with their 4-shot twin-linked missile pods, but mounted on a much more mobile frame.

Just be warned: since Multi-trackers still say they only allow you to fire two guns in the shooting phase, taking two guns instead of twin-linking them makes you worse off on Overwatch/Interceptor. Definitely worth noting for some builds.


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