Painted Locust 1V

Short update today, but I wanted to get some pics of my most recently painted model up. The most recent addition to my BattleTech force is a humble Locust, and it was a fun little project to help me get a quick win and some momentum back. Work has been brutal in recent months, and […]

First Forays into 3D Modelling

All right, let’s get the old post editor going here. So, it’s been a while. Since the Hobby Night podcast started up, my time and energy for the blog has gone down, which sucks, but I don’t have any plans for shutting it down. I haven’t done much painting either this summer, so I’m going […]

A Closer Look at Drea Renthal

I have to admit, I have been guilty of overlooking Drea up until now. Taking a stress to acquire a new TL seems decent, but not overwhelming. Makes Proton Torps nice (almost guarantees you 3 hits and a crit). But stress on Y-wings is generally bad. However, I had a bit of an epiphany moment […]

Scum and Villainy Hobby Plans

As I’ve been forced to wait a little bit for my giant Scum and Villainy order, I have been passing the time by painting up some BattleTech minis (pics on the Facebook page until I can write up an article for them) and planning what I will do to customize my Scum. A few things […]

Ending Soon – Greenman Designs Dynamic Colored X-wing Template Sets

Just a quick reminder to everyone out there who might be interested in the Greenman Designs maneuver templates Kickstarter, the pledge window closes Saturday morning. The full color sets look great, and you get a huge pile of tokens for considerably less than what you’d pay from the other acrylic token/template shops. Unlocked stretch goals include […]