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Custom Card Artwork – Rebel Captive

Greetings, all!

He should be quite well protected.

He should be quite well protected…

I have been slacking off a bit when it comes to painting my X-wing minis (Corran Horn is 95% done, and I’ll post some good photos once he’s finished, but not much else recently). However, I have been keeping busy with some other fun stuff like making some alternate art cards. Haven’t printed mine just yet, but the first one received some good feedback so far online and I may be looking to do some more.

I almost forgot! In addition to the cool artwork, this also gives me a chance to make some cards that include the official errata from the Fantasy Flight Support page. Here’s a teaser for the errata cards, the Empire’s Gunner card:

Second time's the charm?

Second time’s the charm?

If you would like to print one of the custom Rebel Captive cards out, open up the attached PNG image and it should be the right size if you print at 300 dpi. Slap that thing in a card sleeve (not quite as sturdy as carbonite, but much more portable) and you’re good to go! You may want to bring your official card along as well if playing in a store or a tournament. Just in case…

Have any suggestions for additional cards that could use some new artwork? Stick them in the comments! I’m thinking I might do alternative Gunner cards, that generic wookiee doesn’t quite do it for me. Maybe doing Imperial and Rebel ones would be in order. Engine Upgrade could also be fun, there’s a nice image of the Falcon racing the Outrider with big engine flares coming off them. Sounds pretty ideal!


One comment on “Custom Card Artwork – Rebel Captive

  1. Is ther a link for printing these out?? Thanks

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