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Painting Challenge Updates

Greetings all!

Again, I know I’ve been a little negligent in terms of site updates this summer, but don’t worry I’m not going anywhere! In fact, I just renewed my site upgrades for another year, so I have literally dozens more dollars sunk into this blog. If that doesn’t motivate me, nothing will!

I assume this is based on true events.

I assume this is based on true events.

I haven’t played as many games as I’d like the last few weeks and months, but the downturn since June has been unavoidable. Spending more time painting, had a trip to Seattle, lots of hobby time gets dedicated to the podcast, etc. Throw in some big issues at work when we’re short-staffed for summer vacations and you get a perfect storm for fewer hobby updates. Luckily no sharks have been spotted flying through the air yet… maybe that will happen when I move in mid-August.

Here’s a quick gallery to give you an idea of what I’ve been working on lately. A painting bet with Jon Wong may be suicidal, but it really does give you an extra push to get stuff done.

The big projects have included starter sets for Dystopian Wars (about 70% done) and BattleTech (100% done). These games should be fun to try out and play once in a while. I’m not expecting them to replace my usual go-to games like X-wing, but spice of life, yadda-yadda-yadda 🙂 I have also been making arrangements to get my hands on some garage kits for BattleTech (including the primed Centurion in the gallery above), as the old models are nostalgic in a hilarious sort of way but maybe not quite as cool as some of the more modern incarnations of mech designs via the video games. Some hardcore fans will disagree with me, but I don’t mind. I also like the Clans, so I fully expect some flak over my BT preferences!

Speaking of X-wing, I have painted up my second Firespray in Seahawks colors. This time it’s a white theme with blue and green stripes, plus some weathering via Vallejo Chipping Fluid and some oil washes for shading. Projects like this can be a great time to experiment with techniques, since you’re doing one-offs that don’t need to be replicated across an entire army scale. I fully expect to use more of these techniques in the future, as I have that Forge World World Eaters army that needs a lot of paint and they aren’t known for taking the best care of their gear.

Slightly less fun projects have included some Great Eagles for my horrifically neglected Wood Elves, some Borg for Attack Wing (mostly an excuse to practice with OSL via airbrush), and some more Raven Guard. There’s also an Averland Steamtank in there somewhere that needs a few hours more work before I can add it to the cabinet. Expect some photos of these projects in future weeks, as they are completed.

That’s it for today! Expect another episode of Hobby Night in Canada to go up on Saturday (we’re switching our recording schedule again, so we decided to do an extra episode instead of having two weeks with none) and some painting projects to randomly get thrown up as I work on them. Updates may be sporadic at times, but I do plan on making them more regular as I try to get my affairs in order!


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