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Shameless Plug – Hobby Night in Canada Podcast

I’m sure some of you folks out there are already aware, but I have been part of the Hobby Night in Canada podcast since earlier this spring. We’ve put out 9 episodes so far, releasing a new show every second weekend. We are all avid hobbyists with diverse gaming interests, so it’s a great way to learn about some new hobby tricks and maybe some gaming systems you’re not familiar with yet.

Tabletop Gaming in the Great White North

Tabletop Gaming in the Great White North

You can subscribe via iTunes, simply by searching “Hobby Night in Canada” and using the normal subscription method. If you use another service, you can use the following RSS feed for updates:


Note: Our RSS feed did move after episode 7, so if you’re wondering why you haven’t received episodes 8 or 9 yet, you probably need to re-subscribe!

You can also check out the Hobby Night Facebook page by clicking here. We’re always posting updates about what we’re working on, especially when it comes to our painting bet with Jon “the Boriental” Wong. Follow along as the five of us try to keep up with one speed painting monster who is off work from June through to September… we’re working our butts off to keep up!


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