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Myth Games X-Wing Store Championship Report

A small group of locals hopped in a vehicle and drove down to Calgary for the Myth Games X-wing store championships this weekend, and it was a pretty good time overall. The company was great, the costs were low and we didn’t embarrass ourselves on the tables.

I brought Wedge w/ Swarm Tactics, 2x Blues, and Roark with Ion Turret. Not my ideal list by any stretch, but it was designed to simply joust with 3-ship Rebel builds which I heard were common in Calgary. Turns out that wasn’t the case at all on that day! I probably should have stuck to my usual style of squad, if I can be said to have one.

Game 1

Game 1

Game 1.

My first game was against Paul’s son, Jean-Luc. He’s small in stature, but like Yoda, not to be underestimated. He brought a list with Vader in a shuttle, Howlrunner, Dark Curse and 3 Obsidian TIEs. Got off to a bit of a slow start (I managed to drop Howlrunner and Dark Curse in exchange for Wedge and significant damage on a B-wing) but the game remained close. Vader hitting Wedge with an injured pilot critical really hurt — it was the exact card Jean-Luc was chanting for when I drew the top card from the deck.

End of Game 1.

End of Game 1.

I was able to whittle the Lambda down to 1 hull before it successfully fled out of range, and in the end I was up by 10 pts when time was called so it was a minor win. I think I had about 12 health remaining to his 4, but he had the right idea fleeing with the Shuttle as early as he did, otherwise it would have been a pretty overwhelming win for me. Excellent decision making by the youngster.

Turns out that almost every game was a minor win, as we were all adjusting to 60 minute rounds (and some of the tables were 4×3 or 4×4, meaning it took longer to get into range and start blasting). So at least I wasn’t far behind the pack!

Game 2

Mid Game 2.

Mid Game 2.

Yet again I matched up against one of the Edmonton guys, this time it was Trevor and his Han Solo with Gunner and MF title, plus two Blues with Fire Control System. We basically lined up opposite each other and expected to blast each other to bits on the first few passes. However, that was not to be.

Due to some slight whiffing on damage rolls, combined with major bumping and a bit of arc dodging via barrel rolls, neither of us were able to focus much fire on anything in particular. After a few volleys, I had stripped all his ships of shields and he had put some damage on Wedge and a lot of damage on one of my Blues. It was crazy, doing more than 1 damage per shot at range 1 versus agility 1 ships just wasn’t happening and we ended up in a massive traffic jam that took a while to sort out, and ran a lot of time off the clock as we tried to figure out how the hell to maneuver out of that mess. Ion tokens didn’t help things either, as his ships often just drifted into the mess with those straight 1’s.

End Game 2.

End Game 2.

When time was called, I had a wounded blue in my sights and wasn’t allowed to finish him off. The way this event was run, you had to put your dice down immediately when time was called, not finish your turn like you normally would. Trevor and I weren’t terribly happy about that, as I was rather likely to kill his Blue to take a 26 point lead, and Han had an outside chance of finishing off Wedge in return. So the game was really hanging in the balance as we placed tokens and got ready to roll dice, but we weren’t allowed to see it through. I settled for a 2 point modified win and once again it seemed like most other games were minor wins as well.

I definitely feel like the dice turned this game into a complete cluster as I didn’t manage to kill a Blue in the first two exchanges, but I also didn’t do a very good job planning for how I was going to earn a full win. Killing 2 Blues in exchange for any one of my ships wouldn’t have led to a full win, and chasing down the Falcon in 60 minutes would have been tough. I had more health and more attack dice on the board at the end, but sometimes that isn’t everything.

Game 3

Early Game 3.

Early Game 3.

The last game before cutting to top 4 was going to be big. There were a lot of players with 2-0 and minor wins under their belt, so it was going to be tough to distance yourself from the pack. My heart sank a little when I saw my match-up, a dual Firespray list (Krassis with HLC and Recon Spec, Bounty Hunter with Gunner) supported by Dark Curse. I hate fighting Firesprays, as their extreme maneuverability and durability gives me headaches. My B-wings without Advanced Sensors hate them, because they often get severely jammed up and struggle to K-turn when there’s big bases in the way.

In the early going, I took a bit of a beating and did not do a huge amount of damage in return. I managed to ionize the BH twice, but it didn’t help much. During the second exchange, Wedge took a blinded pilot roll that stopped me from finishing off the BH with two hull points left, and I lost both a Blue and Wedge shortly thereafter.

Late Game 3.

Late Game 3.

Roark ended up duelling with Dark Curse, and grabbing a TL on Krassis while he had the chance. No point locking on Dark Curse. I ionized Dark Curse pretty quickly and forced him over a rock, which dropped him to 1 hull. The dirty bastard dodged the next 4 or so ion volleys, and never died. Roark was rolling 2-3 natural hits each time but Curse burned his evade every time and dodged them all.

Meanwhile the Bounty Hunter and virtually untouched Krassis kited a bit and then K-turned to face my Blue, who tried over and over to take the last hit off the wounded BH and never managed it. The BH took a blinded pilot critical, which would have been life-saving but he had Gunner, allowing him to fire anyway and finish off the Blue.

We didn’t bother playing it out from there, as Roark was never going to survive against those three ships, even if two of them had been running on 1 hull for a while. He was going to eat a HLC to the face pretty much no matter what I did.


Staying up til 1:30 painting was worth it apparently.

Staying up til 1:30 painting was worth it apparently.

With a 2-1 record, I didn’t make it into the cut down to top 4. I was able to pick up a best painted award however, claiming a shiny Y-wing as my prize. The most recent wave of Y’s was actually really clean in terms of paintjob compared to the previous, so I’ll probably keep that one intact as a Gold Squad member and then strip and re-paint the other ones I have as Grey Squad.

My game 3 opponent (Darrel or Darren?) ended up winning the whole thing, and my friend Paul was the only Edmontonian to make the final cut, finishing third I believe. He had some brutal dice in the final game, with his Han Solo w/ Luke in the gunner’s chair rolling 1 hit on 12 dice at a critical juncture, as a small sample of his luck.

Overall we did have a lot of fun down there, and Myth Games was generous in writing off a small ship booster for each of the top 4, plus the other Y-wing for Best Painted. The irregular table sizes and 60 minute games were a bit frustrating though, as so many games didn’t get to see their rightful conclusion. I overheard something about the pairings prioritizing Rebel/Imperial match-ups and not just pure rankings. Us Edmonton folks also ended up playing most of our games against each other, so I never got a chance to meet some of the other fellas. Bit of a missed opportunity there.

Still, not a bad way to spend Table Top Day!


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