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Forge World Open Day 2014

Once again, a wicked Horus Heresy-filled event is going on and I’m stuck on the wrong continent. Luckily, there is plenty of coverage of Forge World Open Day showing up around the web. I’ve picked out a few of my favorites, and even did a little photo editing on some to bring out the details and combine multiple images into one. Check them out below:

The Lancer seems to be stealing the spotlight, and given the interest in super heavy vehicles (especially Knights) lately, I can see why. Some of the lucky folks who got their hands on the Horus Heresy Volume 3 book have posted his stats. I won’t upload a pic of the stats page, but see below for a summary:

13/11/11 with 6 hull points, I4 and A4, Ion Gauntlet Shield instead of the usual Ion Shield (it can’t protect the rear, but it does grant 5++ in melee), Flank Speed (3d6″ Run move), and a Shock Lance. It’s a Strength D melee weapon as you would expect, but it gains +1 Initiative on the charge and can fire using the following profile: 18″ S7 AP2 Heavy 6, Concussive. It’s definitely different, and weighs in at 400pts. Not sure if I prefer its stats or the regular Knight’s stats, but it’s definitely nice to have more variety.

And with Forge World showing artwork for an Inferno Gun and Vulcan Mega Bolter for the Knight (along with some heraldry packs), there will probably be upgrades for those regular versions as well. The Inferno Gun might prove to be one of the better options, as shoots out the massive Hellstorm flamer template 18″, and packs a real wallop at S7 AP3 with no cover saves allowed. At least that’s what the Inferno Gun does in the somewhat recent Forge World rules, not sure if there was an update to the stat line in Escalation…

Update: According to some of the folks who attended and spoke to the designers, the Salamander Terminator model shown above is actually a Firedrake sergeant. The rest of the squad needs some more work on the weapons and posing, and then they will be ready to go. As I don’t actually have any TH/SS Terminators for my Salamanders, I can’t wait to see the full squad.

For more pics, check out Mindura’s Google Drive full of goodness:


That’s all for now. Lots of good material to go through, and as the rules from HH Volume 3 continue to leak out, I’ll do up an article on my beloved XIX Legion — the Raven Guard. Can’t wait for them to do Corax, as his profile is pretty badass. Alpharius seems a little more badass than he should be as well… I don’t think they got the memo that he’s a bit of a runt compared to his brothers!


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