Luke, Garven and Biggs Painted

So in preparation for the store championships at Mission Fun and Games, I have been painting away the last few days. Well, I suppose it might be more accurate to say that I’ve been painting Red Squad for fun, and forcing myself to use them in a list at the store championships!

Garven, Biggs and Luke

Garven, Biggs and Luke

The squad has been a lot of fun to work on, from the folded s-foils conversion on Luke to the battle damage on Garven’s nose and Biggs’ odd bits of green squad markings showing through.  Even the astromech units are done to match the details I could find from the movie! R5 units for Biggs and Garven, while Luke has the obligatory blue and silver R2-D2.

There’s lots of little details that you didn’t necessarily see in the movies due to the strongly desaturated look used for the Death Star sequence. Check them all out in the gallery below:

For more details on how to paint these suckers, check out my previous post on how to paint Luke. The only real difference is that I went back and did one more highlight to the panels, using the default mix of P3 Hammerfall Khaki and Bastion Grey, but with a large amount of Trollblood Highlight and mixing medium added. The difference is subtle, but they are a bit brighter and details a bit more crisp than before.

Wedge still needs some work, and Porkins is mostly just basecoated, but those can wait for another day. I may try to do a painting video or something with Porkins if I am feeling adventurous! I know Teri has been harassing me to do one for a while now…

The little ID tokens for the bases were an idea I’ve been kicking around for some time. I measured the stock ID tokens, and made a quick little template in Pixelmator. I then grabbed some movie stills, cropped and tweaked them as necessary, and added the orange Pilot Skill number to match their stats. The font is Kimberly Bold; if you’re into doing custom graphics you might want to check this thread on A Few Meneuvers, there’s some excellent templates and information there, along with a link to the fonts.

That’s all for now, I need to get some rest before the big day tomorrow! Those dirty Empire dudes aren’t gonna kill themselves… although that would be nice.


5 comments on “Luke, Garven and Biggs Painted

  1. Really like these. Great job. I’ve not started to paint my collection yet but think I’ll have to give it a go one day.

  2. Hey mate can you upload the tokens or templates for them? Those are AWESOME! did you use some sort of sticker paper on the original tokens?

    • Thanks, glad you like them. I printed them on regular paper and just used white glue, but it isn’t sticking particularly well so I may redo them with slight tweaks to my file. They print tiny so it doesn’t waste a lot of ink! When I have a final copy of the tokens I’ll post up a PNG with printing instructions.

  3. […] had been fooling around with lists featuring Red Squad members for a few days and I really liked the thought of combining Garven’s focus hand-off […]

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