X-wing Repaint — Luke’s Red Five

Just a little lazy Sunday painting. I’m working on building my Imperial Knight for 40k, but while that is a long and tedious build process, doing a quick chop and repaint of an X-wing seemed like a fun little thing to do just because.

Red Five, standing by.

Red Five, standing by.

The conversion to fold the S-foils was very simple. I scored the area where the lower wings meet the fuselage multiple times with my Xacto knife, then snapped them off. I then bent the top wings down until they were flat, and glued the two sets of wings together. Dead simple, just be a little careful when bending the wings. You need to use a decent amount of force, working them back and forth until they are in the right position, but you still have to be careful not to break them.

I'm going in.

I’m going in.

The paint scheme was very simple. I gave the model a quick dusting of black primer, followed by an airbrush basecoat of P3 Bastion Grey. I then sprayed it with a highlight of 50/50 Bastion Grey and Hammerfall Khaki. I set this aside for a few minutes to dry, before shading the panel lines with P3 Armor Wash thinned with glaze medium and water. Any minor touchups were done with the Hammerfall/Bastion mix.

For details, the engines were painted with Citadel Eshin Grey and washed with Armor Wash. The engine glow in the back was done with a heavily thinned P3 Skorne Red, followed by a heavily thinned P3 Khador Highlight. Bam, simple.

The canopy was basecoated with Eshin Grey, and highlighted by mixing in some P3 Frostbite Blue. The glass itself was black, highlighted with P3 Coal Black and then some Citadel Thunderhawk Blue mixed into the Coal Black. It’s really subtle, and adds a hint of colour that can be seen through the gloss varnish. Gloss canopies in this scale don’t always photograph, but it does catch the light more strongly than a stock X-wing pre-paint, so I’m happy with it.

R2-D2 was painted with old Chainmail, with P3 Exile Blue and P3 Cygnar Base for the blue panels. I went back and added some lines of Chainmail between the panels atop R2’s dome, but good luck photographing that! I did a dot of P3 Sanguine Base and P3 Skorne Red for the “eye”; an oversimplification of R2’s face but it’s close enough in this scale.

Red squad marking details were painted with Citadel Khorne Red, washed with a little glaze of extra thinned down Armor Wash. Yellow was P3 Rucksack Tan, washed with a glaze of Seraphim Sepia, and then highlighted with a mix of Rucksack Tan and P3 Moldy Ochre. The nose technically shouldn’t be yellow, but I was painting from memory and I don’t want to go back and repaint it right now. Maybe some other time!

The Moldiest of Crows.

The Moldiest of Crows.

I actually give this little ship a small amount of credit now in game use. Not entirely useless :p

I actually give this little ship a small amount of credit now in game use. Not entirely useless 😛

I regularly post some photos to the Facebook page as well. You may have seen the (above) Moldy Crow repaint recently. She matches my Prototype A-wings and I like it way more than the standard brown paintjob.

Let me know what you think of the paintjob! So far I’ve painted 5 A-wings, a B-wing, a HWK-290, a Firespray-31 and this X-wing. Not sure what might get painted next… I should do more B’s but they aren’t as fun to work on as I expected. Too many panel lines :p 



3 comments on “X-wing Repaint — Luke’s Red Five

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  2. What paint did you use for the hwk 290

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