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Dwarfs, Imperial Knights and (as always) more shiny Heresy goodies

While the majority of my hobby time remains dedicated to X-wing, and that will likely continue as the massive number of teased products inch their way closer to store shelves, there is definitely still a lot of buzz surrounding the venerable Games Workshop lately.

Tons of armor and giant flaming hand cannons, what's not to like?

Tons of armor and giant flaming hand cannons, what’s not to like?

The Dwarfs are back in force, bringing a few new infantry kits, characters and mechanical contraptions to the battlefield. As a guy with an old Dwarf army in the display case (and I do mean old — the only plastic in the army is in the bases and the Crossbowmen’s shields) I can tell you I am definitely interested in what they’ve got going on.

The new kits look gorgeous, and from what I’ve been able to ascertain they represent some solid options in the army list. Where in the previous book you were almost always better off with great weapons compared to any other weapon option, you now have some solid choices for Dwarfs. All units receive a strength bonus on the charge, and an improved parry bonus (5++) when hand weapon and shield-equipped units are receiving a charge. Ironbreakers receive the parry bonus at all times, which means they can slow down just about any infantry/cavalry fairly well. Stomping monsters, maybe not so much.

The characters are also pretty nice (with the possible exception of Burlock Damminson’s kid, don’t much like that model). While I do prefer my old 80’s and 90’s vintage models, these ones are head and shoulders above the previous generation of plastic models and look suitably bad-ass leading the new units. They are also more modular than most of the small clampack plastic characters; don’t like something, then swap it out. No problem.

I just got my hands on the book last night, and took a quick flip through. Much of the old flavor remains (runes instead of magic weapons, etc.) and the Anvil seems pretty meh, so maybe people will enjoy playing against Dwarfs again. Hopefully it re-ignites the old flame, as I got a semi-decent start to the old army a while back and it would be fun to play around with them again.

This guy is so pre-ordered.

This guy is so pre-ordered.

On the 40k side of things, the long-awaited Imperial Knight plastic kit is out tomorrow. The model looks awesome, clearly taking its design cues from the old Epic units but with all the new aesthetics and details. Assuming they port them over to the Horus Heresy ruleset as well, I’d definitely paint mine to accompany the World Eaters and Word Bearers. Superheavy walkers don’t necessarily mesh all that well with the Raven Guard way of battle, so they may not get one. If I’m clever with the base it just might find a way to run with the boys in black once in a while when I feel the desire for some especially heavy support, but it’s not the main priority.

Speaking of the Horus Heresy / 30k armies, I haven’t done much work on them of late but they are occupying a bit more of my attention in recent weeks. The Crusade era armies remain some of the only projects that get me excited for 40k, and upcoming releases from Forge World and Black Library have definitely caught my eye.

The Sons of Horus should be back in the spotlight soon, and another Scripts book will allow some of us who don’t buy the audiobooks a chance to catch up on some storylines. Oh yeah, and I still need to pick up a copy of Scars before my copy of Macragge’s Honour arrives. Chris Wraight is relatively new to me as a reader, but after reading Brotherhood of the Storm he seems legit. Quite looking forward to the graphic novel’s stories surrounding Calth, as I have armies for all the major players involved (yes, even some ancient Ultramarines that have rarely seen the light of day since the days of 3rd edition).

In terms of more resin crack, I still need to pick up Lorgar and a few other goodies. The new 10-pack of graviton guns will be a big hit for folks looking to run biker armies… these new weapons were a real pain to get a hold of until now. I’m trying to work up the nerve to paint more basic models first (there’s some WIP Word Bearer Terminators and World Eater tactical marines on my painting desk) but I can rarely resist buying all the shiny stuff for long. The current exchange rate is one of the only things making me want to wait… come on Canadian economy, get your act together!

Anybody else starting to feel the urge to work on some Warhammer/40k again? First time in a while for me.


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