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Recapping Recent Weeks

Just finished messing with the pledge calculator for the AVP Kickstarter (which I previously wrote about here), and so I think I can afford to give the blog a little love and attention.

So many humans ... and there's a whole other row of tables behind me.

So many humans… and there’s a whole other row of tables behind me.

So what’s been going on lately, I’m going to pretend you ask? Quite a bit! Let’s start with a recap of the Out of the Basement event on January 25th and 26th. I have a pair of galleries up on the Facebook page (Saturday and Sunday), so you can get a good look at the action on there.

Saturday consisted of 40k, Warmachine/Hordes, and Firestorm Armada simultaneously during the day. Around 6:00, the second round of mini-events started, with another Warmahordes format, Star Trek Attack Wing (I got second place with my Feds!), Malifaux and Infinity all going on simultaneously. Saturday was a busy day!

Sunday had only the daytime events, but there was still plenty going on. Warhammer Fantasy, Dystopian Wars and X-wing all ran at the same time, and I also participated in the X-wing shenanigans. I brought the “Park Casual” list as I like to call it, with four Lambda Shuttles packing Advanced Sensors, plus one with an Ion Cannon for good measure. The list went pretty mediocre at first, modified win (25-0), followed by a bye in round 2 that was scored as another modified win, a loss in a razor thin game that could have easily gone either way (51-25), and finally a complete game culminating in a full match win (100-77). That meant 11/20 possible battle points, which isn’t that bad when you’re taking an insanely clumsy joke list that you’ve never practised with at all.

Game results aside, the weekend was a pretty big success. Everyone had a good time, and due to the scale of the event we got to see some great people that don’t make it out for gaming very often. Seeing the boys from Jaded Gamercast is always great fun, and I also finally got to play a game with Teri from Geek and Sundry (you know, the Youtube channel also featuring a couple of nobodies named Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day… no big deal). I’ve known Teri for ages, back when we both worked as common redshirts at the local GW stores, and she crushed my face with her Klingons on the final table for Attack Wing. I completely underestimated her and got thoroughly pantsed as a result… and it was all on camera of course. If that video ever gets uploaded my ego may take a bit of a hit.

I also got to see my old friend Derek, who you might recognize if you play Zombicide. This is the same guy who gave me my first paint lesson approximately a million years ago, and after the emberassingly long period of time we are both still playing with dice and toy soldiers. I can honestly say that if I hadn’t gotten into gaming all those years ago, my life would be completely unrecognizable… gaming is the common thread that links the vast majority of my social circle. Hopefully it all turned out for the better, and the smile on my face when I see some old gaming friends tells me I probably made the right choice (although my wallet tends to disagree once in a while).

The turnout for Fantasy was probably the weekend’s biggest surprise for me. I expected a good amount of people, but there was probably about 45 players in the end! Great showing by the locals, not to mention all of the folks who drove in from out of town. The side benefit of all those players is the number of watch towers we as a club now have painted. I had to paint my Dreadstone Blight as well so that’s one less item on my depressing to-do shelf.

In terms of overall numbers, I am told there was a total of 122 unique players, a large portion of which played in multiple events throughout the weekend. Not a lot of clubs can pull off an event with two ~45 player tournaments and seven more 10-20 strong mini-events in the same weekend. It says a lot about the strength of our community when we can make something this ambitious work.

The food bank donation pile -- half of it anyway.

The food bank donation pile — half of it anyway.

As the event is also a big donation drive for the Campus Food Bank, we also collected a big old pile of items for them. Over the two days, a grand total of 1,201 pounds of goods and several hundred dollars (which was matched by the club) was donated. Huge thanks to everyone who contributed; some of you went nuts and it’s really appreciated by everyone involved. Looking forward to the next OOTB tournament weekend, which is scheduled for June.


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