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Ermagherd the Berg – Attack Wing Previews

So, as those of you on the Facebook page already know, I played another Attack Wing OP4 event last night. Big thanks to Roy and Darrell at Thunderground Comics in St. Albert for hosting!

This time I managed to squeak into a tie for first and claim a Nebula to go along with the one I received as a Christmas present earlier. Hooray for the good guys! The Attack Wing event at OOTB this weekend will also be OP4, and I will be taking a bit of a silly list to keep things light.

In other Attack Wing news, I came across a handy dandy graphic showing previews of all the known releases, all the way up to October 2014’s Wave 9. I split the graphic into two halves, one showing Waves 3-9 and the other showing what’s out already. So now there’s no excuse for not knowing what’s coming out later this year! Check out the gallery below and let me know what you think.

The Wizkids site also has previews up for the upcoming wave 3 ships. Beware the mighty Gal Gath’thong!


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