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Admiral’s Orders – Not even once.

Tonight we played the Attack Wing Month 4 OP event at Adventurer’s Guild, allowing all the released resources and Admiral’s Orders (available for download from Wizkids here). Holy smokes, there are some rowdy combos out there now!

I know for sure three of the Federation players (myself included) ran a list with two ships, Kirk, Picard, a Flagship card and both Admiral’s Orders (Strike Force and United Force). If you really think having 3-4 actions per ship plus buckets of free dice and re-rolls is a good idea, then allow Admiral’s Orders in your events. Seriously though, Strike Force and United Force is way out of hand when combined with a Flagship. We saw some different 2-ship Fed builds (all with Kirk, Picard and the D, with a little bit of variety in upgrades) but they are all gross.

Sexcelsior and the D.

Sexcelsior and the D. Spock and Valtane should trade places for maximum torpedo shenanigans. My bad.

Take a list like this if you don’t want friends anymore. If the opponents are silly enough to advance at full speed on turn 1, you can tap your Transwarp Drives for movement 6 and get target locks and fire first on turn 1. Go another route, take the Independent (Dominion) Flagship and catapult your other ship almost clear across the entire table to get into the action on turn 1. Movement 6 + 4 is possible, and you’d get full actions on that ship. There’s almost no way you can hide from that. And frankly this stuff makes playing the game pretty miserable.

Anyway, back to my list pictured above (be sure to switch Valtane and Spock, I think I had them the other way around in my games today). 98/108 points for an initiative bid, depending on how you interpret United Force’s 10 bonus points of upgrades.

Picard’s Excelsior gets 5 attack dice for Quantum Torpedoes, +1 at range 2-3 from the Flagship ability, another +1 from the Admiral’s Order. For actions, you get a free scan (which grants Valtane’s two re-rolls), while Picard allows you to both target lock and do battle stations. You can re-roll one more from the Admiral’s Order if necessary and almost guarantee all 7 hits, +1 for the Q-torp bonus when one inevitably gets through his evade dice. With scan for -1 agility and no range 3 bonus for the enemy (due to a secondary weapon), you can one-shot many ships with this.

Kirk in the D flies up alongside, rolls 4 dice for primary, +1 for Flagship, +2 for Scotty. Free scan from the Flagship card (which triggers Spock), plus the aforementioned Scotty action, and Admiral’s Order for a freebie target lock. So that’s 7 more attack dice with all battle stations converting to hits and re-rolls for all dice that miss. Once again, this almost guarantees 7 hits, which can (and does) one-shot kill cloaked ships.

Oh, and I almost forgot! And Miles O’Brien also tags along, waiting for something to happen. If you haven’t read these comics, I will link them again. They are just too awesome. When you get to use O’Brien to switch off someone’s Interphase Generator right before Kirk blasts them with 9 dice (above example but with another +1 range band 1 bonus and +1 from the Admiral’s Order) it’s pretty silly stuff.

He is a god.

Don’t cross Chief O’Brien.

So in three games, I didn’t give up any victory points. All ships survived, and no discards were used. Game 3 was the most stupid game ever, fly up and one-shot two cloaked Klingon ships on the first turn, and then immediately one-shot the final bird of prey with my reloaded Q-torps. 3 shots, 3 dead (cloaked) ships. That’s just not cool.

TL;DR is that stacking all of the free actions, bonus dice and stat bonuses makes things pretty stupid. Don’t play with these Admiral’s Orders. Hopefully the February ones fix this.

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