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Moar Veterans!

A productive Saturday of painting resulted in another two Raven Guard virtually finished. All that remains is to magnetize the weapon arm(s) for the kneeling chap, and paint them up. First one will be a Forge World missile launcher, which I am quite looking forward to. Those things are just so wacky and retro, you gotta to love a beakie with a Rogue Trader style heavy weapon! I’ll probably paint him up a plasma gun and bolter with a big old suppressor as well, just for maximum versatility.

Now where is that arm...

Now where is that arm…

As a number of folks have been asking for some step by step instructions on how I paint my Ravens, I took a handful of shots while I worked on these two. First glance at the photos tells me that the makeshift photo booth on my painting desk didn’t work nearly as well as the makeshift photo booth on my computer desk. I’ll need to spend some time cleaning up the shots before they can be posted, but hopefully I’ll be able to show off in decent detail how I do the black, white, and some of the other areas.

I will admit, there came a point where I stopped taking pictures and just kept painting. I figured a step by step on every single part of the models might not be necessary.

All in all, these two models were a lot of fun. I have been looking forward to painting them for a while now, and all members of the squad that I have built are now painted. A few more with axes need to be done, and also one fella with a chapter banner for when I use them as Honor Guard. The only thing better than a charging squad of marines with 2+ saves and 4 power weapon attacks each is a charging squad of marines with 2+ saves and 5 power weapon attacks each!

Stay tuned, I’ll hopefully be able to salvage the photo shoot some time later this week!

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