First Post of 2014

I hope everybody’s 2014 is off to a good start!

After spending a week in British Columbia visiting the family, I am back in snowy Edmonton and having some fun again at the painting table. Before heading out for some New Years Eve shenanigans (from which I got home at around 5:30am… usually a sign of a good time), I finished up a fourth and fifth member of the Swiss Army Veteran squad.

Raven Guard Veterans 1-5

Raven Guard Veterans 1-5

Here’s the current group shot. The most recent additions are the two Mk4 dudes and the bare headed Mk6 marine on the left. He also has a pretty cool suppressor on his umbra pattern bolter. Just a quick conversion using some plastic tubing added to the end of the gun, it helps emphasize the spec ops feel that Raven Guard should have and also ties him into the Horus Heresy era Vigilator I’ve done previously.

A couple of the other minis from the unit made it onto the Facebook page earlier, but not necessarily the blog here. If you haven’t liked the page yet, why not head over there now? You can never have enough gaming stuff filling up your newsfeed, and you won’t miss out on some of the smaller updates that don’t make it to the blog.

More pics and step by step guides to painting the Veterans will be coming up in the next little while, as some kind folks on Facebook have been asking for them. I’ve snapped a few photos as I started work on the next two Veterans; nothing major to report yet (bases done plus a basecoat on the bronze) but this should make for an informative blog post or two in early January.

Who knows, it might even inspire someone to pick up the XIX Legion when their rules come out in Volume 3 of the Horus Heresy series from Forge World! Victorus aut mortis!


4 comments on “First Post of 2014

  1. hey, do u mind giving us a quick rundown on how u did the white? thanks

    • The quick summary version is:

      1. P3 Frostbite mixed with Citadel Russ Grey
      2. Frostbite covering about 80% of the area.
      3. Frostbite mixed with Citadel Ceramite White covering about 50% of the area.
      4. Just a thin highlight of Ceramite White.

      Each version is thinned with water and Glaze Medium, and applied in two thin coats to make it go on smooth and blend nicely. This involves a bit more mixing than I’d like, but I haven’t found a simpler method yet that works for me.

  2. ok, thanks! what would p3 frostbite be in a gw paint?

    • Somewhere between Fenrisian Grey and Ulthuan Grey! Maybe Edge Blue Horror? Haven’t used any of the edge paints or seen them in person but it looks close.

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