Get to the choppa! – Kickstarter Updates

Listen to the Governator!

Listen to the Governator!

With a little over 24 hours remaining on the Aliens vs Predator Kickstarter, it looks like the project will be fully funded with all the unlocks (including the Loader and Queen). Some nice freebies have been thrown in as the campaign progressed as well. Looks like a pretty decent deal.

The Hunt Begins

As someone who grew up watching the movies and playing with the toys (not to mention spending a few quarters at the arcade), this game has definitely caught my eye. I have no idea if the rules are any good, but the models look like they would be a lot of fun to paint. Aliens would paint up fast, and relatively speaking there wouldn’t be many Predators or Marines. 3-10 would be all you need for the other factions, although I would probably get many of the add-ons just because they look cool.

If you’re looking to get in on this, now would be the time to do it. The funding period looks to end right around the time you folks in the US will be sitting down for turkey dinner on Thursday night.

Another cool Kickstarter project is the DS’tone Art Space Game Mats. These would work great for X-wing and Attack Wing, as seen in the photos.

Ignore the illegal asteroids that are too close to each other.

Ignore the illegal asteroids that are too close to each other.

There are other brands doing similar products already, but I quite like the look of some of these amateur photographs used on the Kickstarter. The unlocked North America/Pelican Nebula looks great (after seeing this project I made a similar photo my computer’s background), as does the Rosette Nebula. The Andromeda mats remind me of the end of Empire Strikes Back.

Don't get too friendly, Luke...

Don’t get too friendly, Luke…

These mats will do nicely when you have a few friends over at once for game night, or if you get sick of the pink/red Gale Force 9 mats we’ve all been playing on for the past year.

I’m sure there’s plenty more projects out there that deserve a look, but these are the two that I’m following closely right now. I’ll probably break down before the end of the day and pledge for a ton of AVP goodies. Hopefully I get more use out of it than my copies of Space Hulk that continue to gather dust!


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