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Horus Heresy is Kryptonite to my Bank Account

Emperor help me, I just bought this for some reason:

I didn't need that $300 anyway.

I didn’t need that $300 anyway.

I managed to raise my apathy shield before the Collected Visions reprint went on sale the first time, and promptly “sold out”. However, this term doesn’t always mean what we think it means when GW is involved. I usually think of this term as being rather permanent, but somehow this two volume set managed to un-sell out and stubbornly remain un-sold out until my willpower finally collapsed.

My latest Forge World order is on its way, and now this. I am so weak…

What’s your most shameful impulse buy? One of my favourites is the time I bought the Dark Angels army box just to get the codex early… granted that was when I worked with the company and got staff discount, but buying a bunch of stuff I didn’t necessarily need just to get what ended up being one of the worst books of 4th/5th edition early was pretty classic.


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