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Finished Raven Guard Swiss Army Veteran #1

I love the smell of Dullcote in the evening!

The first of my multi-purpose Swiss Army Veterans has been finished and varnished. Feels good to get him done after being a little indecisive for a while on how to do the shoulder pads (white with black trim to match the other Sternguard Vets, or something different like black on black for variety). In the end I just went with the scheme to match my other Vets.

Sniper Front

Sniper Front

Sniper Back

Sniper Back

He might look a tad out of place in Honor Guard later on, as he is definitely leaning more towards shooting than combat (even with the sheathed power sword on his hip), but he will look totally fine in with the 40k Sternguard or Horus Heresy Veteran Tactical Marines.

The other squad members will be a little more balanced, with regular sized boltguns (either the Sternguard plastic ones or the various Forge World variants with scopes or drum mags) and a mix of more power swords and axes. As I mentioned in the previous articles, any of the models with drawn power weapons will have magnets to swap them out for mundane gear, while the majority have sheathed power weapons and no magnets at all.

The complete parts list for this guy:

  • Legs (with the crux icon shaved off of one kneepad) and the crux terminatus shoulder pad from the plastic Sternguard kit.
  • Shoulder pad with the circle and scroll from the Space Marine Captain sprue (with Forge World etched brass Raven Guard symbol shaped to fit the curve of the pad before being added on).
  • Sniper rifle and bipod from the plastic Sniper Scouts kit (with a standard bolter clip replacing the lasgun style power pack).
  • Head, torso and arms from the Forge World Mk2 Armor set.
  • Backpack from the Space Marines Heavy Weapons set (with an added purity seal from the Grey Knights sprues I think).
  • Sheathed sword from the plastic Empire Greatswords kit (with the pommel chopped off to make it fit the space available between arm and body).
  • Spent shell casing in the dirt was made from 1.2mm plastic rod. I add a few to almost all of the bases in the army.

Just your everyday rummage through the bitz box … assuming your bitz box is completely out of control like mine.

One down, 5-12 more to go depending on just how many more I decide to build. The squad of 10 with bolters may end up having an additional pair of Heresy era missile launchers and/or a Chapter Banner for maximum options… I can’t help myself!


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