Space Marine Conversion Projects

With the new Space Marines book come a whole slew of new army builds. Bikers are indeed awesome, Ultramarines get some really badass chapter tactics and characters, Salamanders still get to re-roll a ton of dice, my beloved Raven Guard still kinda suck at first glance, etc.

I haven’t spent a huge amount of time with the book and a calculator, so I am not going to bother too much with army lists and tactics at the moment. Instead, I am worrying about some more fun stuff like the modelling opportunities afforded by the new book.

Papa Smurf

Papa Smurf (progress shot).

For starters, I have finally broken out the ancient hunk of pewter known as Marneus Calgar that has been sitting in my bitz box since he first came out. Like I did with Pedro Kantor, I shaved off all his chapter badges and replaced them with Forge World etched brass symbols. He even got a few new plastic bitz in the form of a replacement sword from a Greatsword champion (though I did eventually find his original one), a plastic Iron Halo, a new shield heraldry thingy, and a resin Forge World head from the Raven Guard Sternguard kit. The muzzle of one of his gauntlet bolters needed to be transplanted from a plastic boltgun, as I had a bit of a mishap with the pin vise.

The base is from Secret Weapon Miniatures, with a little pumice gel and plastic rod for bolter shells added to taste.

Here’s a few more pics once he got a spray of primer:

Black is the new blue

Black is the new blue.

I got no more cheesy jokes for now

I got no more cheesy jokes for now.

Beyond Señor Calgar, I plan on working on some Centurions. The stock models are my least favorite of all the new Marine releases, but I do think they have potential.

If you a roll a 1 for the armor save, it's safe to assume they took the bullet to the junk.

If you a roll a 1 for the armor save, it’s safe to assume they took the bullet to the junk.

A fellow by the name of Nathan posted these guys to the Facebook Eavy Metal page, and leaving off the monstrous hip/crotch plates has exactly the effect I imagined — making the model look a lot sleeker and, well, actually capable of locomotion. I make no apologies if you have the ancient Kylie Minogue song stuck in your head now.

Slightly illegal equipment, but who cares...

Slightly illegal equipment, but who cares…

Dave Taylor has also posted some slick looking Centurion conversions, using the Forge World Castellax as inspiration I’m sure. There’s a few things I am not sold on with his design, but I do think it’s an improvement. The stock arms are just way too big, and the unnecessary power cables all over the place don’t help. Turns out less is indeed more with these suckers.

In the end, I am planning to make my Centurions resemble MkIII Iron Armor a bit more than these fellows. I will certainly be leaving the bigass thigh plates off and shaving down all the chest details. This will be replaced with plasticard mimicking the look of Iron Armor, including the little bit that dangles below the stomach to provide a little extra wiener protection.

For the arms and weapons, I will be building the squad with grav cannons and probably half and half hurricane bolters and missile launchers. The missiles will be made from Contemptor Dreadnought Cyclone Launchers, as I have a couple of those lying around. They will be mounted on the shoulder opposite the cannon. The grav cannon itself will mount directly to the elbow, replacing the power mitten on one side. The other arm will likely just have the mitten, with no grav amp to clutter up the place.

For other changes, I want to cut off the side toes, just leaving the front and back bitz to make them look even more slim. For the heads, I’ll just borrow some MkIII heads from my bitz box. Overall it should make for a sleeker and more plausible setup. I think it will turn out quite nicely, although I won’t be starting the conversion for probably another week, as I will be hitting the road for a bit of a long overdue vacation.

That’s it for today ladies and gents. Let me know what you think of the conversion ideas, and whether Centurions can be made to look as good as their weapons’ stats do.


2 comments on “Space Marine Conversion Projects

  1. Oh these are looking awesome.
    I have always wondered that the little ribbons hanging off of the Space Marines were for. Is it to represent which Chapter they are?

    Looking forward to seeing Marneus’ progress 😀

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