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New Reference Sheets for Pandora

I haven’t had a chance to do a major update on the Pandora document yet, but there are two new documents that will come in handy if you are trying to give it a test run.

The first is a gang roster sheet in PDF format, which I added yesterday I believe. Multiple copies can be printed if gangs expand beyond the four characters listed on the page, but it should be about right for many starter lists. The second is a set of weapon reference cards (in both .pdf and .docx formats). They are designed to be the same size as the small cards used in Fantasy Flight games, so if you have a few of those sleeves lying around they may come in handy.

A sheet of these ought to do it

A sheet of these ought to do it

I will try to do a prettier version at some point in time, but these ones will certainly work until I have a little more creative juice flowing; I got blindsided by a bit of a cold or something today, so my cup doesn’t exactly runneth over at the moment.

Both have also been added to the Pandora static page, which can be accessed here. I hope these make things a little bit easier for you guys!


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