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Stay on Target – X-wing Tournament Results

Almost didn’t end up going to the X-wing tournament at Thunderground Comics, but I am really glad that I did. I had four wicked games, and managed to take Gold Five’s advice to heart, recovering to place 2nd with three straight wins after a brutal 0-100 loss on game 1!

My list, which I am quite happy with for the most part:

Luke w/ R2-D2

Rookie X-wing

Rookie X-wing

Green Squadron A-wing w/ Push the Limit and Concussion Missile

Good old Porkins.

Good old Porkins jokes, they never get old.

That fateful game 1, I played against a player I haven’t met before named Stephen. He was rocking Krassis with Heavy Laser Cannon (and Gunner?), plus another basic Firespray and Dark Curse. I totally screwed up my second turn, where my A-wing clipped an asteroid instead of pulling a Target Lock/Focus Concussion Missile volley. Instead of being awesome, he took a hit from the space potato and was promptly shot down, earning me the Jek Porkins trophy for being the first player to lose a ship. I almost had something going for a while, but couldn’t quite kill the Bounty Hunter that I had on the ropes and eventually got all my ships splashed without killing anything in return. Whoops.

X-wings everywhere you look!

X-wings everywhere you look!

Game 2 was against Scott Martin’s Falcon list. I think he realized very quickly that the list wasn’t nearly as optimized as it could have been, and I don’t think he’ll be running Lando with Squad Leader again. There’s only so many free actions worth giving to X-wings. Anyway, it didn’t matter much since his dice spent games 1-3 viciously screwing him over for playing a game of Star Trek Attack Wing the other day. The dice gods bear some serious grudges.

Game 3 I don’t have any pictures of, but it was a rematch of Game 1! I was supposed to match up against Paul La Rue’s list with Krassis, Soontir Fel and I think two TIE fighters of some variety. Anyway, the people at the top of the rankings were paired first, so I ended up with said rematch. Things went very differently this time around, as I was able to wipe them out. I think I lost my A-wing and maybe one of the Rookies… hard to remember since the A-wing died insanely early in the first 3 games, making the results all blur together!

Game 4 was against Ward Kapach, the tournament organizer himself. He was filling in for another player who got called into work and had to leave early. Ward brought two Red Squad X-wings plus the two named A-wing pilots, Tycho Celchu and Arvel Crynyd (with Assault Missiles). The game was fairly quick, with our respective forces smashing into the center of the board, pulling far more K-turns than is recommended, and holding down the triggers.

Ready ... set ...

Ready … set …



Yes, this game lacked subtlety on my part, but I figured it was worth a shot. The first pass went my way, stripping the shields off a couple ships and losing just one shield token in return, so I figured it was acceptable to go for broke with all my X-wings doing a round 3 K-turn to get them into excellent firing positions. Who needs actions anyway?

The A-wing was able to make a hard 2 and use Push the Limit to gain Focus/Evade, as he was going to be the only ship within range 1 of Ward’s Red Squadron pilot (the one with the yellow Stress marker on bottom right). Shooting at Luke who was at range 2/3 and ready to make a green move the next round would’ve been a waste, so he had to try at the nearly impossible shot against the A-wing. Nothing too surprising happened there.

Many, many dice rolls later, it was quickly a wounded Tycho Celchu trying to dodge three angry X-wings all with Target Locks on the poor bastard, while my A-wing circled around lazily. I really just wanted him to survive one game, and he did! I’m pretty sure one of my Rookies went down in this fight, but I was happy to earn win 3 in a row and just barely eke out a 2nd place finish.

Well, my first X-wing event definitely went about as well as I could have hoped! I managed to have a lot of fun and successfully dodge some of the scary lists with both Krassis and Soontir Fel with Push the Limit and Stealth. That guy is just a monster… Anyway, I’m off to type up some rules for Pandora! Haven’t put as many hours in this last week as I should have, so I will pay my penance this week and try to push ahead towards a complete copy of the rules by next weekend. Stay tuned for updates!


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