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AWGT Results

So the Alberta Wargaming GT final is over and done with, and it was indeed a fun weekend. Friday was perhaps a little bit out of hand, but we survived.

In the end, I finished 2W-4L-0D. There weren’t many soft looking armies around, and I ran into some pretty good lists late in the event that were doing much better than me in battle points. A few games I could have probably pulled off a draw/minor win, if not for some stupid things like 1″ run move trying to objective grab on bottom of the last turn (when 2″ probably would have been enough), or sitting for multiple turns just outside 3″ of an objective thinking I was in range.

Conversely, game 3 versus Dave R. was the most insane win I have ever had. I was virtually tabled by turn 3 after his Venom Spam Dark Eldar seized the initiative, but at the end of turn 6 my wounded Librarian and almost dead Drop Pod somehow managed to win the primary objective. The Librarian was contesting one Scouring objective, and the Drop Pod’s stormbolter killed a Wrack that was camping another, pushing the squad just outside of 3″. So nobody was holding anything for Scouring, but I killed two of his Fast Attack to my one (the Hyperios). So I took the Primary and we drew on Secondary. Just a silly game, the hilight of which had to be Corbulo tanking shots from 6-9 Venoms and the troops inside for approximately 5 turns before dying. It was just silly watching him shrug off dozens and dozens of wounds per turn.

Luckily, most of the games were fantastic, and win or lose I had a good time playing.

I'm really not that short... 5'11" I swear.

I’m really not that short… 5’11” I swear.

Our gaming group did very well for ourselves in 40k, as Jordan Murphy (left) got Best General, I won Best Sportsman, and Steve Lind (right) won Best Presentation. Jordan was also 0.4% shy of Best Overall after the scores were tallied and weighted. So close, but congrats to Wes Pauley who usurped Jordan’s crown by handing him his only loss in the final game!

Here’s the photos I managed to take during and between games.

Thanks to Matt and Ryan who ran the event, and all of the volunteers and tournament organizers who contributed to the GT circuit throughout the year. Looking forward to the 2014 season and hosting the finals here in Edmonton next time!


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