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Painting for the GT

The combi-plasma Sergeant is now finished and sealed, ready for the Alberta Wargaming GT next weekend.

The model is one of the new captains that came out with Apocalypse, Master of Relics I believe he’s called. I still think he looks better as a Sergeant, I mean he doesn’t have an Iron Halo or a single close combat weapon so it’s a bit of a stretch to call him a legitimate Marine HQ choice! In terms of conversion work, I filled in the /\ Heavy Support symbol on the white shoulder pad, and I guess it worked since you can’t see any hint of it through white paint! After all that was dry, I notched into the scroll a bit to make room for an etched brass Raven Guard chapter symbol. This little detail looks good if you’re the kind of guy who pays attention to the little things. I also gave him a retro Forge World backpack to match the existing Sternguard. The original one with radar dish and servo skull will be a nice addition to the bitz box.

He will likely serve double duty as a Sternguard fella from time to time, as he matches them nicely in terms of color scheme and older armor type. For now, he looks good leading a plasma gun/plasma cannon Tactical squad.

Full frontal

Full frontal

As much as I get anxious about doing face, eyes, etc. I really do love painting the stubble on guys with shaved heads. Start by doing your basecoat, shading, and blend most of the way up through your hilights as normal. For the stubble, just mix a bit of black paint, glaze medium and water into your second last hilight color, and apply two thin coats to the top of the head. Then finish hilighting the face as normal, and you’re done!

Damn gun arm is blocking the sideboob!

Damn gun arm is blocking the sideboob!

Looking good in profile though

Looking good in profile though

So all that remains to do before next weekend is doing up two arms for Assault Marines (magnetic arms with melta guns) and then maybe some rolled up cloaks on the backs of my Scouts so I can BS their way into getting +1 cover saves. After that, I might mess around with a few things like adding an extra etched brass chapter badge for the Razorback, as I don’t think I ever got around to doing that. All the other vehicles have one or two on there, so the Razorback can’t be left without!

Now that I can feel good about doing some painting, it’s back to the salt mines, working on Pandora!


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