Codex Eldar – Discounted (Deeply discounted!!!) and on Smartphones

In an unexpected twist, the Eldar Codex is now available in digital format for your phone. That’s right, not just iPads, but Andriod, iPhone and Kindle are all getting this book. And take a look at the price below. Looks to me like depending on the currency, approximately 35-50% off retail compared to the hardcopy (and previous digital editions). I did not see that coming!

Screen grab from the GW webpage, appropriately captured on my iPhone.

Screen grab from the GW webpage, appropriately captured on my iPhone.

So maybe GW has taken the feedback of gamers to heart, and will finally be producing digital content at a more affordable price. Keep the gorgeous hardcover books, but allow them to be the premium product while you reap a higher margin on lower cost digital equivalents.

Notice the description doesn’t include the 360 spinner photos, videos, or anything else terribly fancy. This could be a more direct copy of what’s in the print edition, instead of being an enhanced ebook like what we had before. Maybe I’m wrong and it’s still the same format as before, just with a more respectable pricetag. I am eager to find out from some folks more willing than I to spend $34.99 to check out the new format!

UPDATE: The Black Library website has some preview .epub files available for download, and they confirm that this is not an enhanced document like the full price iBooks version. You get text (which your e-reader can change the font and size of) and then decorative headers and hi-res images of the artwork and minis scattered throughout. Your e-reader software can also add custom bookmarks, hilight text, search, or anything it normally supports. However, you can’t click on a rule’s name and get a popup of the full rule, or anything like that.

In other words, this is a standard ebook with some picture files embedded, and not a full app-like product. That is why it’s priced differently!

Screencap from the free preview file available from Black Library. Don't sue me!

Screencap from the free preview file available from Black Library. Don’t sue me!

Also note that Mac OSX Mavericks, due for release this fall, will finally have a native iBooks app for Mac desktops and laptops. Buying a single copy of the full-price enhanced iBooks edition could in theory give you a full-feature codex on your iPad and computer (assuming you are a Mac person like me). That’s not a bad option either.

Now if only the new Apocalypse units themselves didn’t cost as much as a retirement home on the beach somewhere…

2 comments on “Codex Eldar – Discounted (Deeply discounted!!!) and on Smartphones

  1. Its an interesting twist for Games Workshop and one I’m rather glad that they have made. My only wondering is if when you go to official tournaments and so on you need to own a physical copy as well?
    If you don’t then it is a great move and I’m really glad that it has happened. I just really want the rulebook to be done for tablet! 🙂 That’d make me very happy indeed!

    • I can’t see tournaments being able to get away with banning digital army books … but hard copies to make sharing with an opponent a bit easier. It does muddy the waters slightly, I have to admit.

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