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Complete A-wing Minis

I have definitely enjoyed working on these A-wings more than I expected to. After figuring out that they don’t need stripping, I was able to dodge all the prep work (except for taping off the clear plastic flying stand) and just get down to work using the same formula that I mentioned in the previous post. For all the images below, click for the full size pic.

  1. Airbrush basecoat color
  2. Brush on (using thinned paint!) or use airbrush and masking tape to apply your accent panels and squad markings
  3. Apply Nuln Oil carefully to panel lines
  4. Touch up the basecoats
  5. Glaze with thinned Nuln Oil if you want more subtle, realistic shading
  6. Spray Dullcote
  7. Brush ‘Ardcoat on to the canopy

Proto-2 — Rocking the nice blue scheme.

The Prototype Squadron A-wing (which I have designated Proto-2 based on the two red lines beside the canopy) is probably my favorite of the lot. Based on the gorgeous old concept painting replicated on the card, it has a nice blue color and contrasts against the other Rebel ships, which tend to be warm in color and quite weathered.

Proto-2 -- The yellow engine glow really shows up nicely against the blue-grey hull.

Proto-2 — The yellow engine glow really shows up nicely against the blue-grey hull.

Using the same general method outlined above, the Proto A-wing was done with Celestra Grey basecoat, P3 Cygnar Hilight for the blue squad markings, and accent panels on the hull with P3 Trollblood Hilight. The white was simply done with Ulthuan Grey and Ceramite White, while the red markings are all P3 Skorne Red.

Nuln Oil is used for the panel lines and glazes on the hull, with a mix of Asurmen Blue mixed with Devlan Mud for the blue wash. Once everything was more or less finished, the blue squad markings were hilighted with Cygnar Hilight mixed with a bit of P3 Frostbite.

Tycho Celchu -- Here you can see the brighter scheme compared to a stock A-wing on the left.

Tycho Celchu — Here you can see the brighter scheme compared to a stock A-wing on the left.

Tycho Celchu’s red/orange A-wing also turned out pretty nice if you ask me. His color scheme used Pallid Wych Flesh for the main hull color, with good old Trollblood Hilight for the darker accent panels. Reds were done with Skorne Red, with a Squig Orange hilight blended via airbrush towards the front. This was further hilighted by mixing up to P3 Khador Hilight, and matches the orange tinge to the character’s card pretty closely.

Group Shot

Group shot with all four A-wings.

Here you can see a nice group shot of all four A-wings. Green-1 (front and center) was the final ship to be completed, and if you look closely you can see that he is a bit more clean and crisp than Green-2, the first model I tried to paint. No mishaps with paint stripper damaging the ship’s surfaces this time! There’s also a hint of bright green towards the leading edge, which matches the color progressions on the other A-wings. I believe I used P3 Ordic Olive for that, although GW now has a million greens to choose from so there might be one out there with better coverage.

As I indicated previously, I might add a fifth (another Proto unit) later on, once the Wave 2 minis are once again re-printed and shipped out. My recent lists have featured mostly Green Squad A-wings, since I really like Push the Limit for getting two actions per turn, or possibly Deadeye in certain builds. This means getting another Proto isn’t terribly high on the priority list.

What’s next? Well, hopefully I get some more games in this weekend! I need to start trying some more all X-wing lists and see how they do compared to my A-wing heavy lists, and I might even try out some Imperials. I have a ton of various TIEs and a pair of Firesprays, and have only played against them thus far.


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