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Signs and Portents – Looking Forward to Summer 2013

Man, the weeks really are flying by. First off – a belated happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

Just think of what would have happened

Just think of what would have happened if the Emprah had daughters for primarchs… the daddy issues would result in less grimdark and more transhuman strippers I’m guessing.

While my parents live about 1300km away by road, it’s still a nice time to reflect and look forward to what’s next.

Cool scheme

One of the models I never got to build as a kid.

My dad (and my older cousin) were both into building model cars and aircraft when I was younger, so I don’t find it surprising at all that I continue to love the hobby. One of these days I’ll need to do up a FW-190 like I always wanted. That eagle head design will look nice on a Thunderbolt or another Forgeworld plane.

As we continue to look ahead to the summer, there’s plenty of goodness just over the horizon.

The second Primarch (Fulgrim!) is on sale from Forgeworld, and Horus Heresy Volume 2 should hopefully be out for Games Day UK in September. Really looking forward to the Isstvan V campaign, as my Salamanders and Raven Guard can always use a new unit to put on the shelf. Word Bearers getting their turn to shine is also very welcome.

Codex Space Marines rumors are starting to trickle out, and the thought of larger Termis and Dreadnoughts is less than welcome from my perspective. Vanilla marines don’t need MOAR NEW UNITS, they just need underwhelming existing units like Assault Marines and Tactical Squads to be made useful and/or cheaper (similar to the Eldar update). The book could use a number of tweaks to become more interesting and varied in 6th, hopefully with less mandatory special characters to make chapter-themed armies. In my opinion, the recent Tau and Eldar books would be a better example to follow than DA/Chaos Marines, who spend way too much time with the shiny toys and not enough focus on the real core of the army.

Of course Eldar are already out, and with the exception of Banshees, they seem to be coming off pretty well overall. Anyone underestimating the humble Guardian/Jetbike is crazy, and the mech’ed up Wraithguard lists seem to do pretty well for themselves. Like I suggest here and here, sprinkle in some heavy support tanks and whatever flavor of Aspect Warriors you prefer and the army can be devastating at range.

In the coming days and weeks I will be tapping Jordan Murphy, who is probably the sharpest tool in our neck of the woods when it comes to generalship (I say that with love!), for some competitive 40k discussions. His collection of recent armies consists of Dark Eldar, Necrons, CSM, Deathwing (or has he sold them already?), Slaanesh/Tzeentch Demons and now Tau are on the way. He’s also drawn up some Eldar lists that he figures could easily counter his seemingly unstoppable Necron army. That would be a sight to see!



Shiny new X-wing ships… very exciting!

X-wing Wave 3 is coming out soon, and many of the ships and cards are leaked online if you want a preview. Personally I am really looking forward to playing with B-wings and TIE Bombers, which were always some of my favorite ship designs. I have a ton of wave 3 on pre-order already, and I’m just waiting for them to come in. The Lambda shuttle and HWK-290 maybe aren’t quite as inspiring, but do bring along some support abilities and really cool upgrade cards that will be worth checking out.

I might try to proxy in some of the new ships based on all the info that has been released thus far (using existing manuever dials obviously since those haven’t been leaked yet). Should be interesting to see how they work with the previous ships to create all-new lists.

Sweet cover

So wrong yet so right — can’t wait for Borderlands DLC Assault on Dragon Keep!

In video game news, the final bit of DLC for Borderlands 2 is out in a week, which looks amazing. The frame narrative of Tiny Tina improvizing (aka. bullshitting) her way through a D&D campaign for the game’s NPCs (and you play as one of their characters), is brilliant. The gameplay footage looks rad and all reviews point to the campaign being very self-aware, and yet also quite sincere — a rare combination. The guys at Gearbox love gaming in all its forms and it really shows.

Speaking of video games, E3 has officially revealed the details of the next round of console wars, and Microsoft is off to a terrible start in terms of PR. As much as I preferred my 360 over my PS3 Slim (or Blu-raystation as I have come to call it), it’s getting harder and harder to have any faith in the Xbone. While I simply don’t give a damn about used or borrowed games, it just seems like the PS4 might be a little bit better in every category and that’s really bad news for the Xbox. I guess they have until November to find a way to sound appealing.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it should be a great couple of months for gaming. Lots going on this summer to distract us from that horrible outside world filled with sunshine and cute joggers in yoga pants. Who would want that…

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