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Secret Weapon Kickstarter – 48 Hours Remain

As I am writing this, there are 1,130 backers and $236,330 pledged towards the Secret Weapon Tablescapes project on Kickstarter. Approximately 0.13% of that is for my future gaming tables (I’m kind of a big deal, you see).

Clean Streets tile renders

Clean Streets tile renders

I have some MDF boards and plenty of terrain right now, but some friends and I have often discussed how fighting on a manicured golf course with broken industrial buildings on top isn’t necessarily the most immersive way to play 40k. By pledging for two 16-tile sets — one set of Clean Streets and one Rolling Fields — I will have a variety of cityfight and Fantasy capable terrain. By adding on one or two display boards with 4 tiles each, one for Ruined Streets and hopefully one more for the Ruined Temple theme (which is oh-so-close to unlocked…), I’ll have plenty of terrain for a couple tables featuring a variety of terrain types. Should be pretty awesome, and who knows what additional products will be released later this year.

Rolling Fields 4x4 tile set

Rolling Fields 4×4 tile set

As a bonus, sections can be disassembled from the main boards to make army displays for tournaments. This is an awesome add-on, one that I highly recommend. They are even going to come with a frame to hold the thing together (kinda like the X-board from Battlefoam I would imagine).

Ruined Temple 2x2' display board

Ruined Temple 2×2 display board

Why support this project, I must assume you are asking for the sake of writing the rest of this post? Simply put, it’s a good looking product and much cheaper than the GW Realm of Battle alternative. I have used some Secret Weapon basing products before, and they are well designed. The more people pledge, the more products will be added to the Tablescapes line. Currently there’s Scrapyard, Clean Streets, Ruined Streets and Ruined Temple themes unlocked, and the future could hold some Desert and/or Trench boards if the last two days go well.

If that’s not enough for you, then I’ll try a personal angle. I remember back in the good old days, when misterjustin (Secret Weapon Miniatures’ founder) was just another regular on Coolminiornot posting models, organizing the popular Mini Exchange threads and dreaming of starting a small hobby company. It’s pretty cool to see how far this has come in the last few years. Supporting small businesses is something you can feel good about, and helping them grow and expand into new product lines while also securing yourself a sweet deal at the same time is win/win.

In the time it took to write this, 9 more backers and $1,709 more pledges have been added. Keep it up folks, I want to unlock some more goodies before Sunday afternoon!


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