Finally Some Painted Legion Outriders

Bit of a slow day, with website outages etc. interfering with the usual hobby fix I get throughout the day. Luckily, I have been taking a better look at some familiar places and came across a link to this:


Hooray for bikes! I like the checkers on the front fenders.

Looks like someone finally posted a pic of the Outrider bikes from Forge World! I’m amazed I haven’t seen any done up as Ravenwing Black Knights yet, with the twin plasma guns included in the kit… seems like an obvious conversion, and I have definitely seen a few pre-heresy Dark Angels armies… very strange.

Anyway, I’ll be sure to come back and read more of the tutorials and whatnot posted to the aptly named 40k Hobby Blog. Looks like there’s some good stuff on there!


2 comments on “Finally Some Painted Legion Outriders

  1. Black Knight conversion hey. I think I know a pre-heresy Dark Angel player that might just do that, at least when he’s done with some fantasy stuff for a tournement coming up. More resin for the resin pile.

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