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In an effort to draw readers away from my site (further proof that I know what I’m doing as a webmaster), here’s a few cool links I think you should check out.


I’ve linked to the Stahly’s Tale of Painters website before, but here’s another example of why you should check the site out. Garfy has posted a nice tutorial on painting NMM blades, a glowing blue Necron Warscythe in this example.

Raven Guard Librarian - virtually identical technique.

My Raven Guard Librarian – virtually identical NMM technique.

Not only is this a great article, it mirrors my Librarian’s NMM force axe very closely, so I can personally vouch for the technique he’s preaching. In my case, I used Russ Grey as the basecoat, shading with glazes of the Fang and then P3 Exile Blue mixed with plenty of glaze medium and some water. Keeping things super smooth and subtle is the key. Once the glazes were done, I hilighted with glazes of Fenrisian Grey, P3 Frostbite (Uthuan Grey would probably work too if you want to stick with Citadel), then finally those sharp white edge hilights.

If you missed it, check out the rest of the new additions to my Raven Guard here. Plenty of nice, big pics to look at.

Painting Bunker

Next up is The Painting Bunker. I’ve wasted a few hours (“wasted” probably isn’t the right word…) going through some of his posts and tutorials; some of the standout content includes a nice pre-heresy World Eaters tutorial and some badass 40k scenery galleries.


Finally we have Standard Template Construct. They post the usual rumors, event coverage, etc., but it’s the tutorials — especially the ones posted by contributor “Eye of Terror” — at the top of the list of what keeps me coming back for ideas.

That’s it for today folks. The new sites have been added to the blogroll for your clicking convenience.


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