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Workbench Update – Pedro & Co.

Anyone who knows me is well aware of my hobby ADD. This is a common affliction, but I seem to have it worse than most, since so damn many of my projects stall out during the “buy models” phase. One of the nice side effects of this crippling disease is the enhanced sense of satisfaction when you actually finish something useful.

Onslaught 2012

Yours truly, mid-game vs. Deathwing/IG in last fall’s Onslaught event.

Getting my Raven Guard up to a more or less practical 1850 for Onslaught in the fall was great, and now making radical changes for the spring Onslaught event is going to be equally sweet. I don’t think I can pull off another Best Overall using the new army list, but it’s a great excuse to paint all the things I still haven’t painted for the army, so it’s all good. Hopefully I’ll have a good shot at Best Painted.

So what exactly is the new setup? Instead of taking a relatively mobile “one of everything” list using the BA codex, I am going for a Vanilla/Dark Angels combo. The Raven Guard will be the main army, and Salamanders will play the part of the Dark Angel allies. Don’t judge me, green is green…

Vanilla codex rules for Pedro/Sternguard, with the Dark Angels providing cheap Divination (and a power field generator!) plus another cheap tactical squad. The list will also feature some Hyperios conversions and a Mortis Contemptor with gigantic autocannon conversions and the obligatory cyclone missile hat. Hopefully all this S7-8 with skyfire/interceptor will be enough to keep some of the Helldrakes off my back. I’m not overly optimistic, but it’s better than nothing. Dark Eldar and Ork planes aren’t quite so bad with AV10 — why can’t they all just have paper armor?

Mortis WIP 2

The size of these converted autocannons seems reasonable to me.

The Contemptor is coming along nicely; I need to finish converting the second autocannon and then it’s ready for paint. I’ve been looking forward to painting one of these for a long time now (the Word Bearers will get theirs painted eventually).

Pedro clone - click for full resolution.

Pedro clone – click these photos for full resolution.

After I painted some models that quickly got chopped from the list, Pedro skipped to the head of the queue since I know for sure he’s making the final list. He is looking good in black, and with a plethora of subtle conversions to make him my own (including new etched brass chapter badges and a leg swap with the thunder hammer-swinging Games Day marine).

More Pedro.

More Pedro!

Even more Pedro!

Still more Pedro!

To round out the allies contingent, one of the two Sternguard squads will be painted in Salamander green. Yeah it’s slightly off-putting when it comes to WYSIWYG, but whatevs. The Salamanders have been in desperate need of reinforcement for a while now, and Sternguard give them a badly needed firepower boost. The lizard cloak conversions are also pretty hot, and they aren’t too hard to do if you aren’t afraid to massacre a Dark Elf Corsair in the process. Mostly careful chopping, with a bare minimum of greenstuff.

After all is said and done, this will make the Raven Guard extremely playable using a variety of list themes at most game sizes. The overflow shelf in my display cabinet had a decent handful of units and alternate HQs before, and now it will have another 750-ish points of models on it. If I eventually do another batch of bikes/attack bikes and a mounted Captain to make them Troops, the list will be hugely variable and contain just about everything from the army list (save for the heavy armored vehicles). It will be awesome to have upwards of 3000 points done up to a very respectable level.

The Salamanders are also approaching usefulness as a standalone army after years of being way too small to be practical. I still refuse to do a Vulkan He’stan model, but that’s another rant altogether.

Anyway, back to my painting dungeon for another month. Hope to see some of you guys at Onslaught!


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