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Building a Legion – Starter Army

OK, so you’ve learned a little bit about the Horus Heresy army list, and you want to get started on a project. What should you get first?

As indicated previously, you have to start with a plan. Picking a Legion will help determine a lot about your army list, as each has its own unique rules and the fluff describes how they typically prefer to fight. We’ll start with a basic all-rounder army list for now, one that will work for almost anyone.

In any case, you have your basic compulsory Troops and HQ. Unless you take a character that modified the force organization chart, your compulsory troops will be a combination of Legion Tactical Squads, Legion Assault Squads and Breacher Squads.

Don't be a hero, wear your damn helmet.

Not a bad point, actually.

By far the most common choice is the humble Legion Tactical Squad, since a big beefy unit with a medic for FNP will be a fairly solid objective grabber, and is significantly cheaper per body when compared to the other options. Sure they only have bolters, but if they stand still they can double tap their bolters via Fury of the Legion. Like Dire Avengers’ Bladestorm, you need a turn to reload after doing so. Still, this is handy when something within 12-24″ simply needs to die yesterday.

For most people you’re looking at 2×15 Tactical Squads plus attached Apothecaries (purchases as Elites, 1-3 per slot, similar to 40k Blood Angels armies). The Legion Vexilla allows you to re-roll Ld checks, so it’s an auto upgrade for squads that can take them. For the squad itself, choose if you want to keep your bolter and buy a second close combat weapon, or swap your bolter for a free chainsword (just like Chaos Space Marines). Equip the Sergeant to taste and you’re done, since Tactical Squads don’t get any extra options for firepower.

Tactical Support Squads are the ones who hog all the cool guns. My personal favorite is looking to be the Volkite Caliver, mostly because they are so unique to the Heresy. S6 AP5 Heavy 2 and 30″ range, making for a very different gun from anything you see in normal 40k games. Plus, with Deflagrate, you get a free hit for every unsaved wound inflicted. With some Divination assistance if you want to go down the Librarian path, they are great at anti-infantry and they are still Troops, even if they cannot count as your compulsory choice (due to the Support Squad rule). If you have points for days, then you can take squads full of plasma or melta, but with the lack of open-topped transports to shoot out of and the hideous cost of doing so, I don’t think you’ll see these options much. For that kind of firepower, just take Legion Heavy Support Squads (Devastators on steroids)! They don’t score, but they will have way more reach for similar cost.

Librarians might be the most familiar option for a starter HQ, or you could simply take a basic Centurion for now and give him a basic combat loadout. Hard to go wrong with powerfist and boarding shield. He gets some protection (6++ against shooting and 5++ in combat) and defensive grenades through the shield, and is quite punchy without costing a huge sum of points. As with all characters in the army (most types of sergeants included), artificer armor is available for cheap so you’d be pretty crazy not to take it. Certain lists that desire a specific theme will want various Consul upgrades, such as Chaplain, Forge Lord or Master of Signals, but those we can worry about later on.

If you are looking at modifying the force organization chart, or if you simply want  more of a beatstick character, then the Praetor will be a good HQ to choose from the start. He has more wargear options and better stats (WS6 and 3W) than the cheaper Centurion, but he can’t be upgraded to one of the fancy Consul types. No big deal, really, since this helps offset the higher base cost. He comes with artificer armor already, so you can give him a Paragon Blade and boarding shield and he’s just about done. Expect a fully kitted out Praetor to be more like 150-180 pts, more if you give him a jump pack/bike/jet bike. For reasons of cost, we’ll stick to a Centurion for now.

Sample 1,000 pt list (technically 995, but who’s counting?):

90 pts – Centurion
Artificer Armor, Powerfist, Boarding Shield

120 pts – 2x Apothecarion Detachment
Augury Scanners, Artificer Armor

235 pts – 15x Legion Tactical Squad
Sergeant with Artificer Armor, Melta Bomb and Power Weapon; Legion Vexilla

235 pts – 15x Legion Tactical Squad
Sergeant with Artificer Armor, Melta Bomb and Power Weapon; Legion Vexilla

190 pts – 7x Legion Tactical Support Squad
Sergeant with Artificer Armor, Augury Scanner Melta Bomb and Power Weapon; 6x Volkite Calivers

125 pts – Predator
Predator Autocannon (Heavy 4!!), Lascannon Sponsons

For your shopping list, that means:
  • 8 packs of infantry (whichever marks you prefer)
  • 1 command pack for the Tactical squad upgrades
  • 1 pack of Apothecaries
  • 1 pack of Volkite Calivers
  • 1 Deimos Predator
  • 1 Centurion, however you want to build him

Note how I haven’t posted the total cost? That’s one of the keys to building a Forge World army — you never do the math. You simply don’t want to know. “Blessed is the mind too small for doubt,” as the saying goes.

Whether you want to buy some of the character and/or weapon packs direct from Forge World, or custom build your guy from all the bitz options available at ResinForge.com, you can’t go wrong either way.

If you’re looking for a Librarian, don’t forget the Sevrin Loth kit. It’s one of my favorite kits from Forgeworld, as you get a badass Mk4 Librarian with force axe plus fancy Command Squad unit (SM Command Squad frame plus tons of bitz) for a very reasonable price.

When it comes to expanding the list, you can really go any direction you like depending on your preferred theme. You can spam Contemptors (because why wouldn’t you want to spam Contemptors), pile on the Terminators (who are scoring Elites), load up on bikes/Landspeeders, batteries of Rapiers with quad guns or laser destroyers, or whatever else you could possibly want. The list has a huge variety of units available to it, not to mention a ridiculous number of tank options (including the wonderfully over-the-top Spartan and its transport capacity of 25 to go along with Assault Vehicle status). You’ll surely find something that is worth taking out a second mortgage on the house.

If you’re thinking about getting started, I hope this helps. Full tactical breakdown of the list will be coming up soon; with the list this big it’s taking a bit of time to put together. Very soon…


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