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Something Worth Fighting For

Back again with a quick hobby post today. Objectives are the name of the game in 40k now, and having something cool to fight for will not only make the games a bit more pleasant, but it could help earn you a couple extra presentation points at a tournament as well.

The objective marker sets GW makes are handy, but they need a little work. The dice signify what type of mysterious objective you just walked into (no consulting of charts required), but they aren’t very visible from a distance. The dice holders are also a little bit bland in plain silver.


An evening of quality time with the detail brush will net you much more visible dice markers, and for my holders, I just stuck them to spare bases, added a little sand and painted the eye lenses red. They really look decent for a couple hours’ work.

The Relic marker is a bit more work, but can really help set your army apart on tournament day. I used a spare banner that came with a Forge World Venerable Dread. Back banners and spare command squad bitz work well, or whatever else fits your army theme.

For my Word Bearers army, I’ll be doing markers out of henchman models and such, to represent Remembrancers and other humans that they might not want to get murderized by the enemy. Should help add to the ambiance of the 30k themed army.

I hope you like the idea, and feel free to post your own markers on the Facebook group.

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