Building a Legion – New Post Series Coming Soon

Just a quick post today, with many more regular updates to come on the subject.

As many of you know, I have been buying up Forgeworld Horus Heresy minis like there’s no tomorrow. Dozens of infantry, couple tanks, Dreadnoughts, weapon packs, the whole deal. The retro aesthetics combined with top notch sculpting is just too much for me to resist.

Collecting a pre-heresy (or Crusade era) army isn’t the same as doing regular old vanilla marines. For starters, you have to know what you’re getting into because everything is pricey and you can’t just pick these figs up from your FLGS. No, whatever goes into your list takes a lot more planning and patience (things I don’t always have in abundant supply).

Vigilator Combined

My Raven Guard Vigilator. Soon I will explain what that means; in the meantime, enjoy the pretty pictures!

Hopefully this article series will help with that. I’ve got ideas mapped out for a handful of ways you can tackle the Horus Heresy as a gamer and collector. The cool part is that in some ways, I’m actually using these different strategies for different armies of mine.

My Raven Guard, which I started in 2003, are getting random updates to make them fit the current edition of 40k and I’m throwing in models that can fit the Crusade list (such as Mr. Vigilator, above).

WB Finished Color Test

Word Bearer test models. Lots of Grey Knight bitz and greenstuff for this project…

The Word Bearers on the other hand are a full-fledged 30k army (a few MkIV test marines above, and a Cataphractii Terminator below). Virtually all resin, and purpose built for the army list instead of just being shoe-horned in. There will also be side projects full of Thousand Sons, World Eaters and Custodians. Looking forward to a chance to work on all those as well.

Cat WIP 2

Soooo good. Must paint all the Cataphractii Terminators…

Follow along with me! Watch the armies grow and my bank account shrink. I might even harass Mike for some updates on his Death Guard as well, I gave him a set of MkIII Legionnaires for Christmas so now he’s stuck. I’m such a good friend!

Next article will be an introduction to the hallowed tome itself, Horus Heresy Book One – Betrayal. Your homework, class, is to fork over £70+shipping and get a copy for your self. See you soon, children.

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  1. Your a very bad man Dan….


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