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Starter Set Pre-order Info

So a little info on the upcoming “Dark Vengeance” starter set for 6th edition Warhammer 40k.

September 1st is the street date of the Special Edition starter set, which includes the extra Chaplain. $107US / $128 Canadian. Pre-order August 25th.

September 8 sees the release of the regular version. 48 models instead of 49, so that would be the Chaplain missing. The nice part, if you don’t want the Special Edition then you will save a few bucks. $99US / $119 for us suckers north of the 49th parallel. Pre-order September 1st.

If you really really need the Chaplain, the web store may be your best bet. Hopefully the local shops like Warp III in Edmonton and Imaginary Wars in Calgary can get their hands on the special edition set as well. Hard to guarantee anything yet, hopefully more info later today.

Update: From what I hear, independent stores will have better availability of starter sets than the previous book launches, so it should be safe to support your local store and still get the special editions you crave.

Lots of minis in Finecast for September … Blah blah blah … One really neat release though, a custom cut army case for the starter. Looks like $66US / $79 Canadian. A bit more than your standard GW case but should fall somewhere between the standard case and Battlefoam in terms of value and quality.

I really like Battlefoam, expensive as it is. Their strong relationship with smaller game companies (especially Privateer Press) maybe gave GW the idea to steal their thunder with custom cut foam. Could work out nicely for folks buying the set, hopefully the Chaos and Dark Angels trays are separate to allow you to transport a full army more easily. Transporting the Hellbrute safely is great, but not at the expense of half a case worth of foam if you aren’t using bike sized minis in a Chaos army. Anyone with experience designing Battlefoam trays knows what I mean, it can be a long process getting everything efficient and just the way you want it.


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