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Data miner unearths motherlode of 40k rumor gold


Close enough.


So as I’m sure many of you have heard, a list of GW’s planned Hobbit and 40k new releases has been posted. This allegedly covers everything not currently in mass production, so probably spring/summer 2013 onwards.

The list has a few noteworthy additions, such as a huge number of Eldar, Space Marine (especially Salamanders!) and Orks. Looks like the relentless spamming of Hestan lists may have paid off for us long-time fans of the green marines, as Chapter Master Tu’shan and a couple of Salamander sounding veterans and tanks may be rolling out.

Even more curious are some of the mysterious “other” entries like Hybrids, a Possible Genestealer Patriarch, Adeptus Mechanicus/Khorne combat servitor combo kits, and limited Sisters/Deathwatch units.

Does this mean full Codex treatment for SoB/Deathwatch, or is it the suggestion of more allied contingents? This idea has been picking up some steam of late, as these mini lists would be less risky an investment for GW, and allow the addition of flavorful allies to parent armies. Hell, Tyranids getting any allies at all would be a welcome move.

So how do we feel about this direction for 40k? The game is still fresh, the meta is nowhere near set, and new army books/Forgeworld releases (Horus Heresy) are right around the corner. Is this a direction we want the game to go in? I’m pretty eager, I gotta say.

As always, rumors like this should be taken with your daily recommended intake of sodium. This stuff could be way off, but it does sync up nicely with a number of recent rumors (such as the Hydra and Stormtrooper kits being delayed due to a disappointing Thunderbolt kit, Salamanders getting more studio love, allied contingents).


One comment on “Data miner unearths motherlode of 40k rumor gold

  1. If this is true, I may may have to revive the Green Team, as it were.

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