Finding Inspiration

No, not that kind of inspiration, Duke.

I’m talking about finding the inspiration to pick up the brush. Or, perhaps more accurately, inspiration to pull out your wallet and drop an unhealthy amount on something with a freakishly high badass:practicality ratio. Something like Forgeworld armies, for example.

As per my usual after-work routine, I went partially comatose and clicked my way through a series of links until something jumped out at me. The army above is a totally badass pre-Heresy army, beautifully painted and with an awful lot of thought put into it (see the bit about the Librarian and his iconography taken from the Angels of Death codex). I don’t even want to think about how many hundreds of dollars an army like that would cost, or how many hours it would take to paint. Just amazing work.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to see a Pre Heresy army fully converted and painted using these kits. I’ve been in love with them for a long time (especially the MkIV Maximus armor and the Contemptor Dreads) but it’s been agonizingly difficult to find any examples of showcase quality paintjobs on more than one or two models.

Okay, so Golden Demon level Contemptors aren’t exactly rare, but you know what I mean. Whole squads. Characters based on the books. Armies worthy of the word “Legion”!

Personally, every time I read one of the Horus Heresy books, I immediately want to make an army for that Legion. An army of the loyalist Luna Wolves would have been sweet. An army of gleaming MkIV plate emblazoned with the Emperor’s Children livery would be a thing of beauty. Word Bearers using some Dark Angels and Grey Knight bitz for robes and runic script would be very easy to do, plus you get to add a unit of red Gal Vorbak to use as Veterans/Possessed/maybe even Legion of the Damned. Definitely a great centerpiece unit. As I’ve said before, a Thousand Sons “counts as” Grey Knights army could be a lot of fun, as well. Iron Hands and Space Wolves are definitely tempting as well; Iron Hands because I already have Raven Guard and Salamanders armies, so I would have the trifecta of Istvaan V Suckatude and Space Wolves because Dan Abnett actually found a way for them to seem cool. Not having any of them ride around on wolves the size of tanks was a great idea… I wonder how he got that idea…

I actually have a couple of these shiny Forgeworld models coming my way soon. I gave a friend/ex-GW staffer a handful of 20’s the other day, as he’s selling off a lot of the armies and Forgeworld goodies he picked up before he left the company. IIRC I’ll be getting a squad each of MkIII and MkIV marines, plus some weapon kits and upgrade packs. Can’t wait to get them, but obviously I have to decide what the hell Legion I’m going to do them up as.

Once I make up my mind, I’ll probably start chipping away at the project by ordering a squad or vehicle here or there, when the opportunities arise. Armored Proteus, Contemptors, Mk1 Rhino/Razorbacks, the chance of possibly getting some old school Terminator kits eventually… I would be stoked to get to work on any of those. And that’s saying something, as I have stated my hatred for painting vehicles on many occasions!

Doing up armies like this certainly isn’t for everyone. They cost a fortune, take a lot of time to do right, and not everybody is going to think the theme you choose will be cool. But hey, if you don’t like it…


4 comments on “Finding Inspiration

  1. Time to put down Skyrim and get back to painting my forge world Red Scorpions. Seeing a complete forge world army like that was inspiring and I think you should sell me those MKIV suits when you get them.

  2. Don’t you have a fantasy army to finish? 😉

    • I have many armies to finish 🙂 I have recently been informed that I can’t use Space Marines in a fantasy campaign so I might have to paint a dwarf or fifty some point in the future.

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