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Extensive Linkage

I just wanted to take this opportunity to make a separate post for some cool websites I’m adding to the link sections today.

The first is The Tale of Painters blog, which features regular updates from a number of really talented guys and also showcases some great work from around the web. By all means, check them out. You’ll probably recognize a few of their minis from the GW What’s New Today blog, which is pretty cool.

The second one is called Rust and the City. It doesn’t look like the biggest blog out there, I’d never heard of it before today, but he’s got some very cool conversions for a Chaos army so I thought I’d give him a shout out! Plus, he’s got a Child’s Play charity build banner up, which is totally awesome. I’ve done some charity auctions to benefit Child’s Play in the past, donating 100% of the proceeds from a Goblin Warboss that I had painted. It really does feel good to do something nice.

Now that I think about it, why not link the project itself? These guys are painting up a Blood Ravens army for charity. Go toss them a few bucks, there’s kids in hospitals all around the world that will have some toys and games to play with as a result. For a kid with a serious illness, that little bit of happiness can go a long way.

Next up is Razza Mini Painting. You might not recognize the name, but you’ll recognize the work of Darren Latham when you see it. This guy was an absolute stud for the ‘Eavy Metal team for the last decade or so. He’s taken his first steps into the mini design world, having recently completed his initial trial period as a sculptor with GW. Well done Daz, can’t see what you get up to next.

Finally, I bring you Ninjabread. This is what happens when you mix a talented hobbyist with a completely warped sense of humor. Whether it’s webcomics, ridiculous t-shirts (see above) or an edible Eldar Falcon grav tank sculpted entirely out of cheese, he’ll find a way to put a smile on your face. Curis also has a cool long-term project thread on Coolminiornot, entitled Every Tzeentch model ever – Project Change. Well worth a look.


One comment on “Extensive Linkage

  1. Hey, thanks for linking to Rust and the City. I’ve finished the renegade sergeant now. Thanks again!

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