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AoW – More Raven Guard pics, shot on iPhone

As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to get some better shots of the Termis uploaded. For fun, I tried taking the pics with my new iPhone 4S. Yep, I’m a bit of an Apple fanboy. Their stuff looks good and gets the job done.

For a phone, everything sure worked out alright. And I certainly learned a couple things for next time 🙂 With no more than the usual amount of photo processing (ie. a bit of cropping, adjusting hilight/shadows and some minor white balance correction), the photos are nearly as good as my usual 8MP point and shoot Nikon can put out.

The big difference is in closeups, as the iPhone lacks a telephoto lens to really get in there super close. For standard resolution images on the web, it’s more than good enough for casual photoshoots. For portfolio quality pics, you’d obviously want a real camera, preferably a DSLR like the Canon Digital Rebel or Nikon D3000. Just random examples, I’ve always preferred Canon but I make no claims of being a legitimate photography expert.

Strangely enough, the iPhone actually does a much better job managing the extreme edge hilighting style on these models. They look a lot more true to life, whereas my Nikon introduces a fairly strong Tron style glow. Bonus points for the iPhone, as I’ve never had a camera that could accurately capture the hilights on this army!

Da boss, the most heavily converted of the bunch. Remember, these are Black Reach Termis!

Another angle of the Sergeant, showing off his gold laurels (liberated from Greatswords maybe?).

The heavy hitter of the squad, armed with Cyclone and Chainfist.

One of the mooks. Ever so slightly out of focus 😦

Focus on the flat white sections of the model.

Overall, I’m almost as happy with the iPhone photos as I am with the models themselves. The white on the last image is a tad overexposed, but aside from that, they turned out way better than I expected from a handheld smartphone. If I actually braced them on something, or used one of the cheapo tripod mount type accessories, they’d be even better I’m sure… but then again, I own several small tripods for my Nikon and never use them, either. I guess I can’t blame the phone for my laziness!


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