AoW – Raven Guard Reinforcements

Just a very quick update that at least one of you out there (Mike) will be really happy to see…

Corax would be proud. Click the image for a high res version.

Finally got my unit of Termis finished up. After a bit of a debacle with the can of Dullcote (ie. it spraying big drops of varnish 360 degrees intermittently), I slapped on the static grass and got these guys in for a quick photo and then off to the glass cabinet to join their battle brothers.

The unit started off as a quick project to bulk out my old army. I started clipping and assembling the Black Reach Terminators, and found myself adding conversions along the way. A new torso here, new head there, some purity seals, add some Cyclone Launchers and Chainfists… shave off the belt buckle on the Sarge and add a new one, reposition some arms and greenstuff the joints… The Sergeant alone has approximately 7 converted areas on him.

Clearly the decision to save time by using Black Reach models was futile. Oh well, they look nice and I still have a bunch of the fully detailed Termis in the bitz box for later šŸ˜›

As for the paintjob itself, it was an interesting walk down memory lane. The crazy hilights on the black, for example, consist of Regal Blue, Enchanted Blue and Shadow Grey. Definitely a different way of doing black!

The white turned out nicely as well, probably some of the best white I’ve ever done. I’ll try to get another picture later that shows it off better. Anyway, I started with a mix of Astronomican Grey and Shadow Grey. This was then mixed 50/50 with P3 Underbelly Blue, followed by pure Underbelly Blue covering the vast majority of the surfaces, leaving the darker colors in the shadowy areas. A broad edge hilight of 50/50 Underbelly and White was feathered in, followed by a crisper edge hilight of pure White. Many of these layers required two thin coats, as you might imagine. Utilizing Foundation and P3 colors really made doing white a lot easier than it was in the good old days when this army was started (2003).

What’s next for the paint station? That’s an excellent question, one I’m not sure I know how to answer right now. I really should go back and finish up many of the other models from the Raven Guard army so I can have them looking all nice and sexy when it comes time to play a game against Mike. He’s got some great Dark Eldar (which I’ll show a quick picture of when I post some belated Onslaught coverage soon) and they deserve some equally nice and spiffy marines to fly circles around.

I’ve also painted up a few bits of Fantasy scenery lately, mostly some with a Khemri theme to match my eventual army. Talking my roommate into painting his Khemri for use in Onslaught may have had something to do with it… now we have some scenery to match his army when we play šŸ™‚


2 comments on “AoW – Raven Guard Reinforcements

  1. YES! and it only took 6 months of nagging you to get it going šŸ™‚ Don’t stop now your so close to having it all painted up. Also i thought you wanted my Tau to play against? they are old but still look pretty good, althought i am going to get some of the forgeworld battlesuits to make it look even better. looking forward to playing against you.


  2. Oh yeah, forgot about the Tau šŸ™‚ I’ve got Deldar on the brain because Nathan and Steve are always painting them next to me when I sit down for a paint session of my own. Either one is good. On Steve’s advice I need to get off my butt and tally up how many points of Raven Guard I’ve got now.

    2×10 Tacticals, 6x bolter/ML Scouts, 8x Assault Marines, 8x Devastators, Command Squad, Landspeeder, Dread, and one tank (can be made into a Whirlwind, Annihilator, Rhino or Razorback as I’ve got all those parts painted and not glued). Plus these 5x Terminators of course. For HQ, there’s Shrike, a Chaplain and Librarian (both in power armor) finished. I think I could do a terribly soft 1850 list, but 1500 would probably be more sensible.

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