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EFTW – Forgeworld looks to impress at GDUK

Well, Forgeworld has done it again. The Proteus pattern Land Raider has just been unveiled, and will appear in limited numbers starting with Games Day UK. This thing is a slice of pure nostalgia and I can’t wait to see one in person. Here’s hoping for some oldschool Landspeeders next…

Generally speaking, FW has been on a roll lately. Whether it’s Contemptor dreads or Warhammer heroes, their ability to make gorgeous figures – large and small – is unquestionable.

The other thing about the FW story is their increased levels of fan engagement lately. Their Facebook page has been thriving, with rules questions, hobby features, votes on what to release next and, in a time where GW proper is frustratingly tight-lipped about previews, their friends at Forgeworld are doing a great job of growing anticipation through sneak peeks and teasers.

Overall, they are making great strides and they are doing a great job of making the hobby fun and exciting for customers.

The guys at FW are also pretty cool, as I’ve had the chance to chat a little with them at previous year’s Games Day events. I gotta say, the itch to go back is growing. With no Games Day Canada or Las Vegas, the NA shows are out of the question. My sights are set on GDUK 2012, and a couple of friends have sealed their intention to join me with high-fives. It doesn’t get more official than that.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with two additional FW previews, the Dark Eldar Tantalus and Leitpold the Black. Both will be shown in person at GDUK in a few days.


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